Personality Profile Training to Maximize

your communication skills!

Make networking more fun! 

  • Learn how to understand and communicate with others easier! 

  • Personality Profiling made simple and effective.

  •  ​​Increase your closing ratios!


Since birds of a feather flock together, understanding each of these

"flocks" and how they think will be invaluable!

When you can connect on a deeper, more authentic level, your ability to close business will naturally go up! 

 Keep the FUN in building your business - OR understanding your family better!

Personality Profiling is easy with this program.

No numbers, letters, colors, or descriptions you won't remember.

Grab your place today, let's work together to boost your confidence, increase your awareness, and give you tools to be effective with your communications.


Saturday, February 29th

9:30 - 12:30

Remax Office

77001 NE Greenwood Ave. Suite # 100

Vancouver, Wa. 98662


ONLY $99.00!

This is the LAST IN PERSON class planned at this time!  

Get your place reserved today!

  • Learn how to recognize and avoid the “knee-jerk” response!

  •  Understand the strengths and challenges of your “challenge” flock!

  •  Learn how to identify which “flock” your prospect flies with.

  • Gain confidence in speaking the other languages for the greatest WIN/WIN result!!

  •  Get CLEAR on what your “ending message” should be!



Join us for a Fun, Deeper Dive into techniques, insights, and tools to empower your personal and business growth now!



Take you Personality Profile Test to gain deeper insights into your communication style AND how the other 3 flocks perceive you!!

Take home tools to make it easy to identify each flock and use language that connects on an effective, authentic level!

Check out how this program has helped others! 

(and get a sneak peak of our retreats!)

BJ Stromme's Workshop, "Are You My Flock," has helped me so much in understanding the 4 basic personality types, how they communicate and what they want.

My communication with the formerly "difficult" personalities has greatly improved.


I also learned a lot to help my business in the 2 business retreats she offered in 2017 and 2018.

Her ideas on marketing are fresh and innovative, not the same tired old phrases and tasks.

I recommend her to anyone who wants a fresh, effective approach to getting their business seen.


Joy Lasseter, Ph.D. Nutritionist, Professional Speaker, Author