Sunday, September 30th- October 2nd, Tuesday Noon









This is your KEY to finishing the last quarter strong AND getting ready ahead of time to really


ROCK 2019!!


So often we wait until the first of the year to tackle the goals and actions needed to create a change for our New Year!


Not this time!  We are ON IT - and will come home with tips and techniques to get the most from the

"Holiday Mindset" 


Have your Expectation and Action Board done to motivate you toward your dreams and goals in 2019!


I have been a regular attendee at BJ's training events for the last 2 years.  I am a solo entrepreneur with several small businesses which requires me to hire part time staff and independent contractors.

BJ's events have kept me sane, organized, polished and courteous towards those that I may be working with.  I have learned how to better handle anxiety, negative thinking, goal setting, executing, and planning.  As well as a multitude of personalities, since everyone can't be like me.  I have created strategies for myself and my business and have considerably more focus.  

In regard to this past week-long event that took place in Cabo, MX as her first international retreat.  It was a huge hit with me.  Not only was it like Summer time in January but to be away from all of the business back home really gave my brain time to be clear and move forward without a bunch of every day clutter.  

This made learning easier for me.  I was thrilled to see a side of myself that rarely raises it's head back home.  My only complaint was that it wasn't longer!

Lara Sernoffsky 1 / 2018

BJ is always learning new ways to improve what she is doing and to teach and help others grow and learn. I have watched BJ do amazing things in her business and life. I have also had the pleasure to see so many others grow with her training, me being one of them.

Jo Ann S.


Treat yourself to the benefits of being in Nature, participating in the wonderful brainstorming and comradery that happens at a POPmindset Retreat! 


  • Begin your retreat with an evening of relaxation, stress release techniques, and insights on dealing with fears and anxiety. 


  • Learn mindset skills to maximize the holiday season and

       finish 2018 STRONG!


  • Create a CLEAR plan for 2019 and leave ready to implement it!


  • Network with other Entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas, get direction on next steps, learn about other tools and programs to help you reach your goals.



Get out of town, bring your goals, dreams, frustrations, and questions! 

Experience the FUN, empowerment, and new friendships!

Clear your mind, picture your future, and plan your 2019 success!

  • All your training and handouts

  • 2 Nights Lodging at the House

  • 2 Meals Included (Sunday night, Monday lunch)


ONLY $597.00

COUPLES $997.00 - SAVE $197.00!!

 "BJ is an excellent coach with extensive advice in advanced communication techniques. She has taken much initiative in seeking new and innovative ways to help develop the people in her teams to become successful in all that they wish to do.
BJ also is very good at perceiving unidentified obstacles and helping to strategize successful solutions to overcome anything that might get in the way of your achievements. 

There is no goal which cannot be reached through a successful plan and doing what it takes to make it happen.

She will cheer and encourage you through completing the tasks and actions, celebrating the milestones you reach on the way." 


Laura G.

 I had a desire to take my home-based business ventures to the next level and increase my skill sets.  And it was awesome to do this while in a warm, sunny place in January! This was the winning combination that prompted me to invest in myself at BJ Stromme's Cabos Retreat.  I was very happy with the results of BJ's training as well as the opportunity to network with other successful women entrepreneurs, enjoy time in the sun relaxing, practice new skills, and be treated to great food and fun excursions.  Now that I'm home again, I'm ready to move my businesses forward!

Lyn Sowdon

BJ Stromme's Workshop, "Are You My Flock," has helped me so much in 

understanding the 4 basic personality types, how they communicate and what they want.

My communication with the formerly "difficult" personalities has greatly improved.


I also learned a lot to help my business in the 2 business retreats she offered in 2017 and 2018.

Her ideas on marketing are fresh and innovative, not the same tired old phrases and tasks.

I recommend her to anyone who wants a fresh, effective approach to getting their business seen.


Joy, Vancouver, WA


Some questions you might have:


Do I have to share a bed? 

No, everyone has their own bed.

Well, except for couples!  You have to share a bed                 

That's why you get a huge cost break!


There may be more than one person in a room with two beds.  I try to room people with someone they know or would be comfortable with.

Rooms are assigned on a first registered, first filled basis.  


Are there stairs?

Only out the back onto the lawn area.


What meals are included?  

Sunday (Opening session) Evening dinner

Monday- Lunch

Sunday - Snack

What is the agenda?


Opening Session on Sunday at 5:00

Please plan to arrive no earlier than 4:30 PM. (give us time to get set up and be ready for you)


Monday – Breakfast on your own, you can cook at the house

Morning Session starts at 9:00 am


Mindset Training, Holiday Mindset, Re-training the Brain


Break at 10:30


Lunch at 12:00


1:00 Afternoon Session


Communication Skill Sets

Personality Profiling, Speaking the language of your prospect, getting more YES’s, Understanding, and using the “Ending Message”.


Marketing tips and techniques - create stronger engagement, email tips, and tools, Wording, adds, Facebook tips, Networking skill sets.


5:00 End - Everyone is free to go out to dinner (we love to do this as a group as much as possible)  You are also welcome to stay at the house and fix your own dinner.  


Tuesday Morning

8:30 Breakfast on your own, you can cook at the house. 

9:00 Start - 2019 Goals, Expectation and Action Boards

10:30 Break - Snacks available

12:00 Finish - free to head home or go explore Bend!!