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Would you like to participate in a Product Review?

With so many products on the market, being able to try them first is the best way to know what works for your skin!

Receive a Gift for participating!!


Schedule your personal pampering,

or a private party review today.

Treat your friends and family to a complimentary session in one of the categories below.  



To join the next Open Review, check the calendar and save your spot!!

 Skincare review!

Everyone wants to have gorgeous skin every day of their life. Let's take the time to analyze what's going on with your skin, what you love, what you wish was a little different, and test products that are right for your skin type.

Compare them with what you're currently using and let your skin tell you what it loves.

 Anita, Garnet, Cheryl-Lee, and Laura get amazing results from Royal Jelly for their Rosacea! 

And clearing up acne and minimizing scars changed Frances's outlook and confidence. 

Look and feel your best - Every day!!


Feeling Stressed?

Sit back and relax and have the opportunity to test bath and body products!

Picture yourself with your feet in warm water, music playing, candles lit, your eyes closed while you Relax and Escape.

Come check out a few techniques that you can use daily to lower your stress and stay happy and healthy!!



 In makeup, there are 3 Different Product Reviews to keep it fun and easy.


Review Concealers and Foundations to create a beautiful Flawless complexion.

If you have questions, I am here to help you with different concealers and foundations to create a smooth look.  This is the start of a fantastic look that can boost your confidence!  And we all know, when you LOOK great, you FEEL great!! 




2.THE EYE'S HAVE IT -  Review new eyeshadows, liners, brow products, and mascaras for eyes that catch attention!


The eyes are the first thing most people notice when they meet you!  What would you like YOUR eyes to say? If you are not sure, or new to makeup, let's play to create a look you can do anytime without having to have a makeup degree!

Yes, if you want, I can teach you how to create it. 

So, what look will you create?   Smokey? Natural and soft? Dramatic? I can't wait to help you feel amazing with a look that boosts your confidence!



3. ALL ABOUT THE LIPS - Are you a lipstick lover??

Come to Review the amazing lips glosses, liners, liquid lipsticks, moisturizing lipsticks, long-lasting lipsticks and more.  It's a lip lovers paradise!  

Make your lips irresistible!

Take your smile to the next level!  Learn how to line, shine, accent, and condition your lips for everyday beautiful, healthy lips.  





As you can imagine, the spaces for product review sessions fill very quickly and openings are limited.


These are fun, 1 hour, reviews of one of the 4 categories.




Bath and Body


Private Product Reviews are available for groups of 5 or more.

There is no charge for this when booked and confirmed. 


The calendar is limited, if you absolutely cannot find a date that works for you, please email me at bjafra@gmail.com or call me directly at 503-320-3325.

We will look at the calendar together rather than play text tag.

There may be an opening not publicly listed! 


Thank you for your participation, we appreciate the reviews!


See you soon!!  




Every year, Jafra is part of the amazing

Portland Bridal Show!

If we met you there, thank you for attending!

It is such a fun event!

We always have a great time and meet wonderful new friends, like YOU!!


I hope you had fun, what did you enjoy the most?  I don't know about you, but I always make sure I hit all of the cake booths to see which one I like best that year.  Were there any vendors that you had hoped to see and missed?  If so, let me know, and I will look through my resources and see what I can send to you. 

Here are a couple of my favorite vendors to help you create an amazing celebration!  

(simply click on their picture to visit their websites)

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free? Yes, it is a complimentary session.


Is there an obligation? No! This is our gift to you, we are committed to allowing you to experience the products in a comfortable atmosphere without the pressure of a retail store.

 I figure, women are smart, they'll try the products, see if they like them and decide for themselves what fits.


What is JAFRA? Jafra is a Skin-care and Spa company that has been around for over 61 years. They are an International Cosmetics Company, a member of the Direct Selling Association, and well known for their key ingredient Royal Jelly, which comes from honey bees and is naturally produced.

Can I buy JAFRA in the store? No, it is sold through independent Consultants, so you need a Jafra buddy:-)


How long have you used this product? I'm so glad you asked! I was introduced to the product over 30 years ago at a party and fell in love with the way my skin felt. I was a client for over two years before I decided to become a consultant because I loved the way it made my skin feel.(and I knew that at least my mom would get something from me)

Jafra has allowed me to stay home and raise my children, be an independent entrepreneur, travel the world and have a career that has made a difference not only my life but also the lives of hundreds of clients and consultants I've had the honor to work with and serve! 


Quick Tips for the Bride:


  • Avoid expensive photo editing! When your bridal party has the correct colors in makeup for their individual looks, you save time and money in photo editing.  

  • Ask about the next Makeup Product Review or schedule your own Bachelorette party to help your bridal party look their best! 

  • Create a "Wish List" to share with those wanting to purchase something special for you.

  • Deep Cleanse your skin at least a month before the wedding, never the night before!

  • Hold a Nail Care Party a few days before the wedding so everyone has beautiful matching nails.

  • Ask about the FREE Gifts available to you when you schedule a group Product Review.

Fun with Mud

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