FEBRUARY 9, 10TH AND 11TH, 2018

Take the time to refresh

your mind and body!


A walk on the beach or quiet time watching the waves can clear your mind and bring new exciting ideas and plans into focus!

 This Retreat is for you if you want to:


  • Clear your mind of the clutter that seems to be slowing down or stopping your progress! 


  • You KNOW there is more success available and want to discover how to tap into it! 


  • You love being with other positive, like-minded, entrepreneurs! 


  • You are open to learning new techniques, programs, tips and insights on how to move your business forward in a massive way! 


  • You are ready for a break, and looking forward to organizing all your thoughts into a clear, complete plan for your year!

I sometimes have a difficult time seeing the world any way but my own and Bj’s training has helped me tremendously in this regard. Today everything came together.

Knowing more of what I was looking for,

I was able to hire someone with the right personality traits to get the job done. 

 I feel good about my decision and am thrilled to continue to work to

understand others.



During this weekend we will work together to:


  • Create YOUR Clear goal and Action plan for 2018!

  • Gain insights into how your mind works.

  • Experience hands-on project planning for moving forward!

  • Gain tools for eliminating fears and anxiety.

  • Fine tune your Personality Profile skills.

  • CREATE AMAZING Expectation and Action Boards.


Registration includes all your training, materials, PLUS...

  • 2 Nights Lodging at the House

  • 3 Meals Included


Save your place at the house for this amazing weekend of learning, planning, relaxing, laughing, and creating a 2018 vision to move you toward your goals!!


 "BJ is an excellent coach with extensive advice in advanced communication techniques. She has taken much initiative in seeking new and innovative ways to help develop the people in her teams to become successful in all that they wish to do.
BJ also is very good at perceiving unidentified obstacles and helping to strategize successful solutions to overcome anything that might get in the way of your achievements. 

There is no goal which cannot be reached through a successful plan and doing what it takes to make it happen.

She will cheer and encourage you through completing the tasks and actions, celebrating the milestones you reach on the way." 


Laura G.



Cheri Anderson



If you have never tried biomechanics or met Cheri, you are in for a treat! I had the privilege of experiencing one of her sessions and you can read more about it in my Facebook post on Nov. 8th, 2017.

Cheri is intuitive, soft spoken, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about how the entire body communicates.  She is bringing that to our Friday night Evening Relaxation Session and I can't wait!  Bring your comfy PJ's and be ready to sleep like a happy baby!!


Jamie Teasdale

Propel Businessworks


Jamie Teasdale is your POWERHOUSE business connection! Her knowledge of marketing, business planning, strategies, and social media know-how will be incredibly valuable to you!  Jamie has built a respected reputation in the industry through her integrity, consistency, dedication to excellence and beautiful communication skills.  She brings all that to our weekend and will be teaching insights and skill sets that can help you take your communication strategies to the next level!  You won't want to miss this opportunity to spend time with Jamie!!

I like to keep it fun, interactive, inspiring, and encouraging!


After a great day of training on Saturday, you are free to drive to Cannon Beach and enjoy a wonderful dinner in any of the many restaurants available. Many times we all end up at the same place.  You can choose to eat out or stay at the house and enjoy a little extra quiet time.  


Sunday morning is a lazy start, with brunch being served about 10:00 and training starting by 10:45.  We will plan to end by 2:00 with a snack in between to keep you focused and thinking clearly!


Some questions you might have:


Do I have to share a bed? 

No, everyone has their own bed.

There is ONE private room, 3 rooms with 2 per room, and one bunk-bed room with 4 beds (all bottom bunks). Update: As of 1/8/18 There are 2 beds left!

Rooms are assigned on a first registered, first filled basis.  


Are there stairs?

Yes - there are two flights of stairs from the bottom level to the top level.


Is breakfast included?  

No, you are encouraged to bring your own breakfast and use the kitchen on Saturday and/or Sunday morning.

(Sunday brunch will be served about 10:00)


Can you adjust to food allergies or diet restrictions?

Yes, depending on the need, most diets can be accommodated. There is an additional $50 fee for supplies if the diet is exclusive enough to warrant this.

Please note, if you have celiac disease, there is only one kitchen so it is impossible to guarantee that nothing will come into contact with gluten.  


Is the retreat refundable? 

No, it is non-refundable.  You can, however, resell your registration to a friend or gift it with prior consent from BJ.


Is Transportation included?

No, you are responsible for your own transportation.  The Portland Airport is approximately 1 1/2 hours away.  


If I want to stay off-site, can I still participate?

Yes, you can make your own accommodation reservations and join us for all the training and meals.   The price is $100 LESS.  


PS:  this price will also go up in January so make your reservations today! 


Will the price go up if I don't register now?

Yes, the price is CURRENTLY $467.00

and IF there are any places left after February 2nd, the price will be $497.00


I can't wait to spend this weekend with you!!

The time we have together to gain power over our fears and blocks, hear great idea's on how to grow, and create POWERFUL  plans is priceless!!


This is the BEST way to learn something new!  


The friends you will make, the memories you will create, and the plans you will bring home to implement will stay with you all year long!


Don't wait till the house fills up!  You will miss the camaraderie of everyone together, and the private networking that happens when two or three people really connect!


Grab your place TODAY!!  The price will only go up the longer you wait.  And I'd hate to have to tell you the house is full and you would have to find your own lodging!!


Feel free to contact me with any specific questions!  I'm here to help you get a strong, clear, and powerful start on your 2018!!

See you at the BEACH!!