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Are you frustrated or confused about where to start to move your business forward?

Getting knocked off track by all the different pulls to market here, or there?


Maybe you just desire the support of a listening, understanding, AND skilled ear to help wade through all the ideas and options out there!!

I understand, I've been there!!


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I spent 20 years building my business before I really came into contact with someone who taught me then ADDITIONAL skill sets I needed!  These are the skills I've used ever since to maximize my efforts and really see greater results

With the constant changes in marketing platforms,  methods, and social media, in ADDITION to the changes 2020 brought on,  it can feel like a losing battle to keep up and make headway. One thing I know for sure, success is still based on creating authentic relationships and offering value-based service.  Learning how to do that in our new Virtual World, will make all the difference in your business.

Discover YOUR best communication method, understand what your clients want, see how to deliver reliable and consistent value packed content and you will be UNSTOPPABLE! 


Regain your confidence, feel comfortable networking, quickly read and speak the personality language of anyone you're interacting with!!


Even if you are shy or new, all these skill sets can be learned!!

I can help! was born out of a desire to help entrepreneurs understand themselves and others better, learn how to communicate clearly, and how to network more effectively online or in person.


Invest in your skill sets! You are the heart of your business, the better you get at working with people, the easier your business becomes!


Every week I hear you say you want help understanding Facebook, social media, marketing, working with difficult people, and so much more!


I have been a regular attendee at BJ's training events for the last 2 years. I am a solo entrepreneur with several small businesses which requires me to hire part time staff and independent contractors. BJ's events have kept me sane, organized, polished and courteous towards those that I may be working with. I have learned how to better handle anxiety, negative thinking, goal setting, executing, and planning. As well as a multitude of personalities, since everyone can't be like me. I have created strategies for myself and my business and have considerably more focus. In regard to this past week-long event that took place in Cabo, MX as her first international retreat. It was a huge hit with me. Not only was it like Summer time in January but to be away from all of the business back home really gave my brain time to be clear and move forward without a bunch of every day clutter. This made learning easier for me. I was thrilled to see a side of myself that rarely raises it's head back home. My only complaint was that it wasn't longer!


Lara Sernoffsky 1 / 2018

As entrepreneurs, the number one goal is to reach a wider audience, to find your "ideal client" and really make a difference!  You need great "people skills" for starters! 

How do you...

  • Learn how to connect easier with a variety of people.

  • Understand what your ideal client looks, sounds, and acts like!

  • Feel comfortable talking about your business, anywhere, anytime.

Being an entrepreneur means growth, trying new things, reaching out for support, and learning to believe in yourself.

It's not a journey that is easily navigated alone!!

JOIN US for the support you deserve!

 Access the in depth training webinars to MOVE you from scattered to Effective!

There are 4 KEYS that have helped me be successful!





You can access all of them along with support each week to reach your goals!

Master Key Membership Benefits!

Cut the Learning Curve!


  • Get the support you need to make effective adjustments!

  • Learn how to get more YES responses!

  • FULL access to the ENTIRE Are You My Flock Training!

  • A Private Facebook page for interaction, questions and answers and connecting with other dedicated Entrepreneurs.

  • A safe and encouraging way to face and eliminate blocks, overwhelm, self-sabotage and more.

  • Action Steps you can take in your business each week.

  • Understanding the Law of Attraction and how to put it to use!

  • ACCESS to BJ in her Private Facebook Group For Master Key Members ONLY!

  • How to re-train your brain to support you!

  • How to take the power out of fears!

  • Access Resources to move up faster!

  • First to know on special events or programs!

  • Special prices on new offers!

  • All the previously recorded training's in the Private POPmindset Vault! 

  • Get your questions answered with Q & A Day!


Master Key #1 MINDSET

Do you really know why you are getting your current results?


Get the hands-on tools to fully understand how to turn your mindset around.  

Understand and use the "Law of Attraction"

Access tools and techniques to eliminate fears and anxiety!


 BJ can help you sculpt a broader mindset to see new possibilities, forge ahead on a different path, and clarify and reinvent your current belief system so you are empowered to live your passion and pursue your dreams.

If you don't know what your dreams are, or are stuck in doing the same thing with the same results, connect with BJ and start on a new and exciting journey.

She specializes in active listening and can reflect and expand what she is told into a positive point of view that is both practical and easily applied.

Garnet P.


We've all heard the saying

"Birds of a feather flock together."

And it's true, we naturally gravitate to personalities that we feel comfortable around.

In this training, you will learn a fun, easy way to identify the differences in personalities AND how to use that to maximize your business! 

BJ is a wonderful trainer and coach. She has an easy manner of listening, giving clear direction and focusing on the personality of the individual that she is working with. Her message is direct, simple and brilliant. Her goal is to draw out of the individual what is really their own desires and dreams.

Is there power in the spoken word?  You bet there is!  However, I was resistant about standing up for myself, particularly with my type-A (Raptor) boss.  It took several POP Mindset classes and BJ's encouragement to really communicate with her.  Knowing how to talk with that mindset made all the difference in the world. That discussion gave me such a feeling of empowerment!  Could this really be me talking?  It felt like an out-of-body experience.  This just wasn't me.  

As a stress reliever it couldn't be beaten. 




Gaining absolute clarity on your goals empowers you to know the most effective actions to take! 

This frees you up to enjoy building your business in a more confident and excited way!  


Working together, you will gain insights into things you may never have thought of, people you may never have met and accountability you need to achieve the life of your dreams.  

 "BJ is an excellent coach with extensive advice in advanced communication techniques.


She has taken many initiatives in seeking new and innovative ways to help develop the people in her teams to become successful in all that they wish to do.

BJ also is very good at perceiving unidentified obstacles and helping to strategize successful solutions to overcome anything that might get in the way of your achievements. 

There is no goal which cannot be reached through a successful plan and doing what it takes to make it happen.

She will cheer and encourage you through completing the tasks and actions, celebrating the milestones you reach on the way." 


Laura G.



We are either "green and growing"  or "dead and dying".  

Nothing stays the same forever, it's important to keep our minds and bodies healthy and active.  

Gain access to new resources, programs, and events to keep your business growing and relevant in today's market. ­­­

 I had a desire to take my home-based business ventures to the next level and increase my skill sets. 


And it was awesome to do this while in a warm, sunny place in January!

This was the winning combination that prompted me to invest in myself at BJ Stromme's Cabos Retreat. 


I was very happy with the results of BJ's training as well as the opportunity to network with other successful women entrepreneurs, enjoy time in the sun relaxing, practice new skills, and be treated to great food and fun excursions. 


Now that I'm home again, I'm ready to move my businesses forward!

Lyn Sowdon


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Being an entrepreneur means growth, trying new things, reaching out for support, and learning to believe in yourself.


It's not a journey that is easily navigated alone.

Join the tribe of POPmindset - Positive thinkers, Action takers, and Dream Achievers!