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JULY 24th - 31st, 2022

Dive into the clear cool water, lay in the sun, watch the clouds, brainstorm with serious entrepreneurs!

Join us for this one time Montana 5 day Adventure Retreat. 

Why do I say Adventure? 

Well, we are NOT going to stay inside

the entire 5 days!

Whitefish Ski Resort is Beautiful - the View from the top of the Gondola is incredible!

What's a trip to Montana without a little time in the saddle?  No, you don't have to be a rodeo rider, but wanting to go riding, enjoying being outdoors to clear your mind, is what this trip is about.


Stand at the top of the Mountain and clear your mind, picture your future, and plan your continued success!


  • Dig into new insights in social media marketing

  • Give your Radar a Tune-up!

  • Hands-on project planning for moving forward!

  • Expand and practice the Tools for eliminating fears and anxiety.

  • Fine tune your Personality Profile skills

  • 5 Nights Lodging at the House

  • Meal planning will be shared among the participants.  

Includes these FUN Adventurous activities!

  • Gondola Ride to the top of Whitefish Mountain

  • You are also free to hike up or down - or both!

  • Horseback Ride

  • Time on the lake - Kayak, rent a jet ski, swim, float, sunbathe!

  • Exploring Bigfork - seeing a Play if one is available


  • Exploring the Fun town of Whitefish

$2247.00 One time payment


3 payments of $827.00

  • Save your place for this amazing time of learning, planning, relaxing, laughing, and creating new strategies to move you toward your goals!!

Some questions you might have:


Do I have to share a bed? 

No, everyone has their own bed.


Rooms are assigned on a first registered, first filled basis.  


Are there stairs?

Possibly, depending on the House reserved


What meals are included?  

Everyone will bring their own breakfast items, if you have diet restrictions, please bring what you KNOW you can eat.  We will have a meeting ahead of time to organize the meal prep details.  As a group, we will work together to create meals and clean up.  The supplies will be purchased by BJ.  


Can you adjust to food allergies or diet restrictions?

If you have serious food restriction, call me so I can determine what can easily be adjusted or if you will need to bring what you can eat and I will adjust the price. 

Please note, if you have celiac disease, there is only one kitchen so it is impossible to guarantee that nothing will come into contact with gluten.  


Is the retreat refundable? 

No, it is non-refundable. 


Is Transportation included?

No, you are responsible for your own transportation.  


If I want to stay off-site, can I still participate?

Yes, you can make your own accommodation reservations and join us for all the training and meals.   The price is $100 LESS.  


Will the price go up if I don't apply now?

Yes, the payment option will only be available TILL MARCH 30TH 2022!

IF there are any spots open, the price goes up $150.00!

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