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Thank you for being a Preferred Client!


Happy St Patricks Month!!

In Celebration of the Lucky Leprechaun, You can SAVE 17% on ANYTHING!!

Simply look through the flip book or website and CONTACT ME with your order!!

  Check the Facebook page to see when the next Online Party is - you can join in for FREE!!  



Online Skincare Party!

Everyone wants to have gorgeous skin every day of their life. Let's take the time to analyze what's going on with your skin, what you love, what you wish was a little different, and learn about which products could give you better results.

Look and feel your best - Every day!!


Feeling stressed these days?


Experience the relaxation and peace of an in home spa night.  Join us to learn which products can give you the results you are looking for, all in the comfort of your own one.


See you online soon, or call me to see how to Host a virtual party in your home with your friends!!


 Check the Facebook page to see when the next Online Party is - you can join in for FREE!!  


Review Concealers and Foundations to create a beautiful Flawless complexion.

If you have questions, I am here to help you with different concealers and foundations to create a smooth look.  This is the start of a fantastic look that can boost your confidence!  And we all know, when you LOOK great, you FEEL great!! 




2.THE EYE'S HAVE IT - Especially during this time of wearing masks, your EYES tell your story!!

Join us to review new eyeshadows, liners, brow products, and mascaras for eyes that catch attention!


The eyes are the first thing people notice when they meet you!  What would you like YOUR eyes to say? If you are not sure, or new to makeup, let's chat about how to create the look YOU want to portray!

So, what look will you create?   Smokey? Natural and soft? Dramatic? I can't wait to help you feel amazing with a look that boosts your confidence!



3. ALL ABOUT THE LIPS - Are you a lipstick lover??

Even though our lips are not always visible with the Masks, they still need love and attention!  And with the colder weather they can get very dry!!

Join us on the next Makeup Online Party to learn all about the amazing lips glosses, liners, liquid lipsticks, moisturizing lipsticks, long-lasting lipsticks and more.  It's a lip lovers paradise!  

Make your lips irresistible!

Take your smile to the next level!  Learn how to line, shine, accent, and condition your lips for everyday beautiful, healthy lips.  


Quick Tips for Brides (or anyone planning a special photo session)


  • Avoid expensive photo editing! When your bridal party has the correct colors in makeup for their individual looks, you save time and money in photo editing.  

  • Ask about the next Online Makeup Party, or Host your own Girls Online Party and receive additional gifts! 

  • Create a "Wish List"  on my website to share with those wanting to purchase something special for you.

  • Deep Cleanse your skin at least a month before the wedding, never the night before!

  • Hold a Nail Care Party a few days before the wedding so everyone has beautiful matching nails.

  • Ask about the FREE Gifts available to you when you schedule an Online Party.