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Welcome, how can I help?

BJ is amazing at what she does.


We met for a coaching session and the tools she taught me to keep me on track with the right mindset have been invaluable...thank you BJ, you are gifted in your craft!!

Amanda Goff

Principal at Silver Keys Media | Visual

Amanda Goff 1.jpg

 I recently attended one of BJ’s retreats and was blown away with her program.

In any relationship, whether business or personal, it’s critically important to know the personality of your prospect, client, business partner or associate, employee or family members.

That’s exactly what BJ is teaching.


I highly, highly recommend you attend one of her retreats, bring her in as a speaker and trainer, purchase one of her programs her book. This is an absolute MUST for every business owner and entrepreneur.

Christoph Nauer - Author and Time Management Coach

BJ's Workshop, "Are You My Flock," has helped me so much in 

understanding the 4 basic personality types, how they communicate and what they want.

My communication with the formerly "difficult" personalities has greatly improved.


I also learned a lot to help my business in the 2 business retreats.

Her ideas on marketing are fresh and innovative, not the same tired old phrases and tasks.

I recommend her to anyone who wants a fresh, effective approach to getting their business seen.



The “Are you my flock” training has made a huge difference in my business.

I credit this POPmindset training to the growth I’ve experienced this last quarter of the year.


BJ is a great coach and mentor.

I speak now from several years of knowing her, participating in workshops, retreats and now personalized coaching.


She is always positive, upbeat, fully present and focused on me and my goals. Her trainings have helped me to be a much better person, to understand others, to come from a place of compassion and love.

This in turn has accelerated my business, my income and my relationships with others.


I cannot recommend her enough, thank you BJ!

Lara S. 

Candice Kelly.jpg

"From attending BJ's POPmindset training I have learned how to recognize other peoples personalities and how to effectively communicate with them.

 BJ creates an inviting atmosphere at the retreat and genuinely cares about each person attending.

She makes the information she is sharing very clear and easy to apply to your business or everyday life.

Candice Kelly/ Graphic Design Artist

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