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Effective change starts in the mind!!

Let's create something amazing for your today and tomorrow!

Hello friend,

I'm  so proud  of you for taking the time to search for personal or business coaching!  Getting access to new tools, techniques, idea's and skill sets can set you apart from your competition!!


Times have changed in reaching new clients, working mostly online, learning new skills and now communicating in a VIRTUAL world!

With over 40 years as an Independent Entrepreneur, running 2 businesses, there are SPECIFIC tools and techniques that have created successful relationships leading to consistent, long term business!!  Some of these tools remain constant and reliable while adding new skill sets is KEY to thriving right now!

Working with a business coach can cut the learning curve, saving you time and money!

Having a coach to bounce ideas off of, get NEW idea's from along with encouragement, connection, accountability and resources can make the difference between struggling daily to decide what to do and diving into your action list with excitement!

I believe in helping you find a way to use what you already LOVE about your life and business to create success.  When you can do more of what you love, trusting the process, your life is more peaceful, joy-filled, and productive.  

We all want successful businesses, happy lives, and great community around us.  Let's have a chat and see how we can work together to help you maximize your energy, skills, time and money!!

Talk with you soon!

Love, BJ

(CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A FREE "Virtual Coffee Date Chat")

Feel free to reach out through phone  971-220-8857

Email: BJ@POPmindset.com

Location:  Alaska, 

Available online anywhere.

  • Are you SERIOUS about making a change?

  • Have you got a burning desire inside to succeed?

  • You say "I love what I do",  but you KNOW you want more!  I get it!

  • THIS is what drives us as Entrepreneurs!  Let's see coaching can you reach your goals!​

  • Life can certainly throw us some curve balls!  Let me help you find your next move - a way to stay in the flow of life without getting pulled under.

Ewomen networking 4 19 2017 Portland.jpg

With the 4 KEYS to Success, you will LOVE your Business and your Life!!

I can't wait to work with you!

BJ is a great coach and mentor.

I speak now from several years of knowing her, participating in workshops, retreats and now personalized coaching.


She is always positive, upbeat, full present and focused on me and my goals. Her training's have helped me to be a much better person, to understand others, to come from a place of compassion and love.

This in turn has accelerated my business, my income and my relationships with others.


I cannot recommend her enough, thank you BJ!

Lara S. 

BJ is amazing at what she does.


We met for a coaching session and the tools she taught me to keep me on track with the right mindset have been invaluable...thank you BJ, you are gifted in your craft!!

Amanda Goff

Principal at Silver Keys Media | Visual

Amanda Goff 1.jpg

"From attending BJ's POPmindset training I have learned how to recognize other peoples personalities and how to effectively communicate with them.

 BJ creates an inviting atmosphere at the retreat and genuinely cares about each person attending.

She makes the information she is sharing very clear and easy to apply to your business or everyday life.

Candice Kelly/ Graphic Design Artist

I wanted to learn how to deal with my stressor's in a more manageable way, I hired BJ as a personal coach and learned …how to communicate effectively with people who aren’t’ like me as well as people who are more like me than I’d care to admit! 


I feel calmer, more in control, I communicate more effectively and see things from a different point of view. 


Every time we meet I come up with new idea’s and new things to try and they WORK!

Tracy S.

Tracy Sanderson.jpg