What is a Resource Notebook?


When you attend a networking event, or meet someone while out and about in your daily life,

HOW do you make the MOST of the short time you have to interact with them?


How do you effectively, authentically and comfortably bring your

service or product into the conversation??

In this training you will gain access to a valuable technique

to open doors with any business person!


When you approach your networking from the standpoint of "how can I add value",

it opens doors for mutually beneficial relationships!

This Free Training can help you:

  • Open conversations easily.

  • Know what to say to help direct the interview.

  • Understand how to set yourself apart, adding value to the appointment.

  • Learn what to look for during your conversations.

  • Have the tools and direction to create an "Ending Message" that creates business.

  • Give you insights into reading personalities for better connections.

It's my gift to you, download the PDF's that will come in your email and have FUN networking again!!

See you online soon!


Many of the people I have added to my resource notebook are

now trusted friends and colleagues!

PS: If you have not accessed the entire Resource Notebook training series, go to the bottom of any POPmindset email and click "update your preferences" and choose the


You will receive additional training through email.