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Get to know BJ!

Get to know BJ!

Get to know BJ!
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HylthLink Interview BJ Stromme - POP Mindset

HylthLink Interview BJ Stromme - POP Mindset

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How Can I Be In The River of Life? // BJ Stromme

How Can I Be In The River of Life? // BJ Stromme

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BJ's enthusiasm for what she is teaching is contagious!  Having a positive mind set is crucial to building a business and BJ's insights into strategies and ready to use tools are essential for those of us who are solo entrepreneurs.  Hope to see you at her next seminar!

Linda Smith


I feel so fortunate for BJ’s personality training. 
... I sometimes have a difficult time seeing the world any way but my own and Bj’s training has helped me tremendously in this regard. I have learned to identify the personalities of others and how I can better work with each individual that comes into my sphere. Today, everything came together. 
I had been struggling to find a reliable housekeeper for my vacation rental business. Today, I learned that it helps me to interview people for personality traits rather than solely on experience. 
Knowing more of what I was looking for, I was  able to hire someone with the right personality traits to get the job done. I feel good about my decision and am thrilled to continue to work to understand others.
Lara Sernoffsky


"Getting to know B.J. has been a fabulous experience. I was very impressed with her interpersonal communication skills while taking one of her POP Mindset training sessions.

Her ability to help people improve their person-to-person relationship building abilities is uncanny.

She has incredible insight when it comes to reading people, and can rapidly adjust her conversation tone and style to connect with the other person immediately.

Her training classes are not only interesting and enjoyable, they are quite effective as well."

Dick Kuiper

"BJ is amazing in her craft!

I enjoyed being her student at her personality profile session!

This personality profile test not only changed the way I looked at fellow professionals when I'm doing business with them, it is also allowing me to look at myself from their perspective.

 I have done so many of these types of tests in my corporate background and none of them stacks up to what this woman can do!

The best part is, I can also apply the knowledge I learned into my personal life. As a mother of two boys who have very different personalities, not just from each other, but from me, it allows me to better understand how to parent them. Her class will change your life overall in every aspect! And the cost is unheard of! If you run a company, manage people or in a career that works with people I highly recommend either hiring BJ to come and do your entire company’s' personality test or send them to her class! You will have better results!

 Thank you, BJ, for a fun, and never boring, personality profile test!" - Kareen Mills

BJ can help you sculpt a broader mindset to see new possibilities, forge ahead on a different path, and clarify and reinvent your current belief system so you are empowered to live your passion and pursue your dreams.
If you don't know what your dreams are, or are stuck in doing the same thing with the same results, connect with BJ and start on a new and exciting journey. She specializes in active listening and can reflect and expand what she is told into a positive point of view that is both practical and easily applied.
Garnet Pirre, Office Manager

I think your tools are immensely valuable, the “Are you my flock” training has made a huge difference in my business.

I credit this POPmindset training for the growth I’ve experienced this last quarter of the year.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Alyson Reavis

Today, I showed a home to a prospective buyer. The couple that walked in were a heron (husband) and a dove (wife). The wife was sweet and kind, a doctor by trade. She was fun to connect with and I felt like I could converse easily with her. She was not overly worried about detail and I could tell that she enjoyed connecting.

The husband was a heron and this is the personality that I have the most difficult time with, generally. Fortunately, I was able to identify this about him and let him ask the endless questions that he needed to ask. He was detail oriented, straightforward and honest, which I appreciated.


Being that I was able to identify these folks so quickly gave me what I needed to know my place in the interaction and to keep my own agenda out of it. I was also able to let them be themselves freely. Having another task-driven person there did mean focus and discussing the next steps without me having to do all of the facilitating.  


I did feel that we met on equal ground and believe that this was due to my training and handling of the situation.

Thank you, BJ!

Sue Fine

I am so blessed and grateful to BJ for taking the time to coach me through a stuck place in my life. She highlighted critical steps to help me in my life.  She has been a wonderful guide and support through the whole process.

  I would recommend her services to help you work on the specific areas that are unique to you.


Being able to recognize that feelings start somewhere, and that that somewhere is my own thoughts, was revealing and empowering.  It helps me to step back and reevaluate why and what I am feeling and make changes.  The thoughts are the seeds… and the rest becomes our history.  We can change our history (which in retrospect was our future) by changing the things we think repeatedly. I learned how amazing our minds are and how incredibly we are made! That we can either be self-destructive/defeating or productive with our thoughts and that translates into all areas of our daily lives.

With coaching, I came up with a short sweet mantra , “I am worthy of respect” . It has been amazing what positive results I have achieved.  It helped me to see myself differently and to treat “myself” with respect too. 


Susan Botkin

Independant Jafra Consultant

Home maker

Creative Designer Extrodinare



BJ has a natural talent for leading the group. 

She has great energy and it's obvious that she loves what she's teaching.

Identifying my Personality

(strengths and weaknesses)

thru her Personality Profile session is very helpful to me and will make it easier to when meeting new people. 


Learning the tapping sequence was very helpful for me!  Especially seeing how to use tapping for anxiety.


  This was an informational and fun event. 


I look forward to future seminars!


Jeannie Brickley LMT

Here are some of the ways I have used the POPmindset training:

1.     One of my networking groups is having difficulty building attendance at our mixers.  It’s plain as the nose on my face that we need a few songbirds involved – the people who have been most active in the planning are either Raptors or Herons.  I have suggested that we get a few songbirds involved in the planning of the next one.

2.    As I write e-mails to my team, I have been more attuned to use language that will reach all four types of people.

3.    I have been more cognizant of how much information I share with others when discussing various topics with them.

Cheryl Sykes, Jafra Manager

"I attended BJ’s “Fall Into Success” seminar, and it was amazing! Each speaker had some useful, interesting tips that I could apply not just to my work life, but to my personal life as well. I left that day not only with some new connections, but with some new tools to help me grow my business in the coming year. It was worth every penny, and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Cecelia Otto (AKA "Cece")

I really enjoyed the seminar and took away so many great things to work on. I am by no means an expert on the bird categories, but I find myself paying more attention to peoples mannerisms. I can see where knowing someones type will be a benefit in better communicating with them. I'm also in a women's net working group and love the idea of expanding that and using BJ's notebook and questions to ask at the one on one appt. to be better at referring.

Thanks BJ!
I'm not very techi but came away with some ideas to work on, including setting up a business Facebook page and keeping things  up to date.
Of course the Lifestyle balance was good. Whether we are pulled in many directions or not it's great to have a refresher course to examine where we could do better to be
more efficient.
Thanks to ALL the trainers.

Shauna Ferr
, Jafra Manager


 "BJ is an excellent coach with extensive advice in advanced communication techniques. She has taken much initiative in seeking new and innovative ways to help develop the people in her teams to become successful in all that they wish to do.
BJ also is very good at perceiving unidentified obstacles and helping to strategize successful solutions to overcome anything that might get in the way of your achievements. 

There is no goal which cannot be reached through a successful plan and doing what it takes to make it happen.

She will cheer and encourage you through completing the tasks and actions, celebrating the milestones you reach on the way." 


Laura Gould

Prof Svcs Senior Analyst - Telecom Expense Management at Xerox

This amazing lady,  B.j. Stromme, has been teaching me so much about the Power of Personal Mindset!

It has really been life changing personally and in my business!

Because it's her passion, she's an inspiring and genuine person who loves helping others succeed in business!

Katie Kost


BJ Stromme has proven to be a most effective Team Leader and leads by example.  She is a motivating speaker and LEADS by creating innovative ideas to generate sales.  I have worked with her for over 20 years and have continually been inspired by her Leadership and Example.


Vickie Hacking

Jafra Ambassador



BJ is the dedicated business owner of P.O.P Mindset Training, a training service for everyone that provides you useful tools to use for success and demonstrates the Power of a Positive Mindset. 

BJ is extremely competent, ethical, professional, well organized, and efficient and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages.

Yvette Baker

"From attending BJ's POPmindset training I have learned how to recognize other peoples personalities and how to effectively communicate with them.

 BJ creates an inviting atmosphere at the retreat and genuinely cares about each person attending. She makes the information she is sharing very clear and easy to apply to your business or everyday life.

Candice Kelly/ Graphic Design Artist

"I recently attended one of BJ's personality profile seminars and it was amazing.

Far too often we only focus on learning more about ourselves and completely neglect learning about others and what makes them"tick".

BJ taught me how to really tailor my speech to other people's personality types so I can be more effective dealing with others.

This will be incredibly helpful as I deal with people from all walks of life and if I can do a better job of connecting I will be able to grow my business- but more importantly as a person.

I highly recommend you make two hours to attend one of her seminars, it is well worth your time!"

Shawn Nicolaides


BJ is a powerhouse of knowledge, energy and positivity, so I knew I not only needed to attend her workshop, I needed to participate as a presenter when she asked.

I was enriched by the topics, content and wisdom and am excited to be involved in the future.


I would recommend her workshops to anyone, business owner or not, who is seeking to learn sound life principles, build quality relationships and a strong foundation in their lives and their business.


Jamie Teasdale



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