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It's Time For YOU!


You have invested time, money, energy and resources in caring for others in your life!

NOW, it's time for YOU!


Take the time to discover or rediscover your passions, dreams, and desires for a FULL and meaningful life.


Everyone has a story!  That is what makes you unique.

AND, that is the strength you bring to this world, the insights your share, and the love you have been giving to support those you love.


Whether you have always wanted to write your story, or want to learn how to safely and effectively share your journey to inspire others, this retreat is for you!


At this retreat you will step away from the daily responsibilities, breath in the clean ocean air, and discover how to celebrate your life now!


Join us at the Beach for this warm, fun, insightful and interactive weekend!

SEPTEMBER   23rd - 26th

4 Days, 3 Nights All Inclusive **

This weekend is dedicated to helping you discover how to share your passion, journey and story in a way that attracts your ideal "Tribe".

Stories are what attract your clients to you. 

Your gifts, programs, products or services will draw

the right people to you when shared in

a safe and effective way.


For Website.png

"I attended BJ’s “Fall Into Success” seminar, and it was amazing! Each speaker had some useful, interesting tips that I could apply not just to my work life, but to my personal life as well. I left that day not only with some new connections, but with some new tools to help me grow my business in the coming year. It was worth every penny, and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Enjoy a Weekend of Self-Care, Insights,  Interaction,

Inspiration and Personalized Training!

Tentative Agenda

(Subject to changes to allow for beach time)

  • Open your mornings with a journey to discover your passion, goals, and support tools.

  • Position your mind and soul to receive all the abundance that is waiting to pour into your life. 

  • Implement 2 new tools to create a natural flow to your day.  Using this simple method, you can help keep your mind open, positive, and receptive to the ideas and solutions needed throughout each day. It's not "woo woo" it's brain training.


  • Perception is personal, let's discover what your perception is about yourself and others and how to use it to your advantage.  With the Are You My Flock, personality profiling, we will find ways to speak with all four "flocks" for greater connection and results.  

  • Learn how to access additional insights into understanding generational differences.

After a great day of training and self care time we'll go out to dinner* at the wonderful
Astoria Bridgewater Bistro. 
*(dinner on your own expense) 
Not required.

The date and time will be determined at the retreat.

Fresh Salad
Fresh Salad
Mixed Greens
Food #1.PNG
Astoria Bistro.PNG

Save your place  for this amazing weekend of learning, planning, relaxing, laughing, and creating a 2024 vision to move you toward your goals!!



I really needed to clarify my business focus after the pandemic. During my time in Culebra, not only did I receive that clarification, I also regained my passion for what I love, redefined my perfect client avatar, and propelled my business into the 21st-century.


All thanks to BJ’s assistance and expertise.

So if any of you are reading this, and wanting to reflect your passion or any other aspect of your business, I would suggest you invest in yourself through pop mindset...

I know you will not be disappointed! 


Lyn Sowdon, Certified Life Mastery Coach 3/30/2022

Guest Presenters


Meet Darina Neyret

Darina will be with us to capture your personal story along with the opportunity to get professional Head Shots for your Marketing.

Here's Darina...
I am a portrait photographer, print artist, visual craftsperson. I provide a safe space for you to come to... to help you raise your confidence, self-esteem and body image through a personalized magazine-style photoshoot experience.

I create unforgettable experiences and beauty adventures for today's women. Women these days are badass and bold. Women today are overcoming obstacles, forging paths to boldness, and self acceptance, and self love... and women now want to see their TRUE selves.

You can visit her website by clicking on her picture. 

I'm excited to have Darina with us, you will love her heart for helping you feel beautiful and valued just as you are!

More Agenda Details

  • Start to your day with the 5 Happiness Tools.

  • Learn to identify clearly where you need to be and how to market through your story. Keep it fun and interactive. 

  • Gain insights and direction through our guest presenter, and My BOOK COACH, Julie Pershing.  See how to effectively, safely, and memorably share your journey is such a way that others are drawn to you.

  • Start writing your story and content to use as marketing, a book, or just to share your life and leave a legacy for your family and friends.

  • Practice the tools you will use and brainstorm together for successful use once you get back home.  No more taking tons of notes and not knowing WHERE to start!

  • Gain deeper insights into how people make decisions with the exclusive "Are You My Flock" program.  Understand how to reach someone who is completely the opposite of you, someone you have wanted to understand or communicate with and up till now, haven't found a comfortable way.

  • Create your powerful, clear, and exciting business and life plan with POPmindset's Expectations and Actions Board Workshop.    Feel the stress melt off your shoulders as you put together the words, pictures, and images that will become your new reality.

  • Wrap up your training by taking advantage of the early bird events to continue your growth and connect with BJ for your personalized exploration session.

  • Our time together is Fun, Effective, meaningful, rewarding, and changing.   

Jamie Teasdale.jpg

BJ is a powerhouse of knowledge, energy and positivity, so I knew I not only needed to attend her workshop, I needed to participate as a presenter when she asked.


I was enriched by the topics, content and wisdom and am excited to be involved in the future.


I would recommend her workshops to anyone, business owner or not, who is seeking to learn sound life principles, build quality relationships and a strong foundation in their lives and their business.

Jamie Teasdale, Propel Business 

Head shot.jpg

Welcome Julie Pershing

Julie loves to help you discover, fine tune, and tell you story.

She is my editor, and brings great experience to our retreat

Whether you choose to create pieces of your journey as stories to engage your clients, or use in blogs, or start your own book, Julie will be instrumental in helping you pull it all together.

Stories are what cause us to stop and listen to someone.  Each of us have experiences that have shaped us and can be shared in some way to help someone else in their journey.

You can visit her Facebook page by clicking on her picture. 

Julie is kind, easy to talk with, and you will love being around her!

Can't wait to have you with us, Julie!!

During this event you will...

  • Take the time to discover what is important to you and how to safely and effectively share your passion with the world.

  • Have time for yourself!

  • Clearly identify your personal/work journey for Joy-filled living.

  • Create YOUR clear goal and action plan for 2024 and beyond.

  • Advance your marketing target and strategy.

  • Experience hands-on life/work balance planning for moving forward.

  • Gain tools for eliminating fears, doubt and anxiety.

  • Fine tune your Personality Profiling skills.

  • Learn how to attract a your IDEAL client.

  • CREATE AMAZING Expectation and Action Boards.

  • Access new resources.

  • Have the support you need to step into the life you desire.


 BJ creates an inviting atmosphere at the retreat and genuinely cares about each person attending. She makes the information she is sharing very clear and easy to apply to your business or everyday life.

Candice Kelly/ Graphic Design Artist


Time to take a break, let it all settle in, relax the mind, and enjoy how beautifully the idea's come together. 


Feel encouraged, ready to grow, and happy with your life and business journey.


I can't wait to spend this time with you!!

The time we have together to create POWERFUL  plans is priceless!!


This is the BEST way to learn something new!  


The insights you will gain, the awareness of positive changes, and the plans you will create to implement change can change the course of your

personal and professional life.


Feel free to contact me with any specific questions!  I'm here to help you truly enjoy your business and personal life!

See you at the BEACH!



This retreat is limited to a small, intimate group of Entrepreneurs!  To insure that everyone receives the attention and support they need, I take the time to interview each one to make sure the fit is perfect!
Let's chat today to see how this retreat (or one of the others) will support your goals and desires for growth.
I look forward to having you with us!
Love, BJ




Is the retreat refundable?

All registrations are final and non-refundable.  However, if you need to sell your registration to a friend, all transfers need to be approved by BJ at least 30 days in advance. 

**Lodging and meals are included.  Transportation, travel expenses, and our ONE Meal out on Saturday evening are not included in the retreat cost.

Can I have a room to myself?

Yes, there are limited private rooms at a higher investment for those who enjoy more space and quiet time. 

All regular registrations are double occupancy.

Can you adjust to food allergies or diet restrictions?

My goal is to have healthy, balanced meals and snacks available.  If you have specific food allergies or diet restrictions please talk with BJ ahead of time and be prepared to bring your own meals and snacks. 

Is Transportation included?

You are responsible for your own transportation and I encourage you to carpool.  I'm happy to provide you with contact information for all who are open to carpooling. 

Is space limited?

YES!  When the retreat is full, registrations will close so be sure to grab your place asap.  

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