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As you become more aware of the differences in personalities, you will find it easier to communicate in a way that brings great connections!

 Here are a few tips to help YOU adjust your communication STYLE so your prospect can feel heard and hear you!!


When working with a Raptor 


Raptors are independent, confident appearing individuals. 

They are task oriented, in other words, they find personal value in getting a job done.  And usually getting it done quickly without micromanagement!

Speak faster, get to the point, do not dwell on a lot of details - they don't want them.

Do not be intimidated, they need to see you are confident and competent in order to

choose to work with you.


They are motivated by a challenge, recognition, money, and reputation. They are usually more spontaneous if it is their idea.



When working with a Song Bird 


Step it up.

They like FUN.

Speak faster, add some animation!

No details needed, if they think it sounds like a good time they are in.

They are your BEST promoters. 

Focus on how you can help them enjoy life more.  

They are relationship oriented,  NOT task.

Do not expect them to be on time for an appointment. 








When working with a Heron 


Give the details of your presentation or task clearly.

Expect them to ask a lot of questions, they want to make sure you know what you are talking about, or that they know exactly is expected of the task.  


Allow them the opportunity to do their own research - they will anyway!

Give them more personal space.

Take your time, but have a schedule to stick by or appointments may take longer than you had anticipated because of their cautious nature. 

If assigning a task, give clear directions and time lines.

Let them work without interruptions and usually without a lot of outside influence unless requested.

When they ask questions, it is simply to gain a clearer picture and see if you know what you are talking about!







When working with a Dove


Slow down! 

Listen and ask questions that allow them to share what’s important to them.

They are relationship oriented.  They are tuned into their feelings and the feelings of those around them.


They are looking for ways they can help someone else, and how others like them.

They are wonderful support people, however, they often have low self-esteems and feel run over or ignored by dominant people in work and life.

Show them how they can make a difference in their life or the lives of those they care about through your service or business. 

Make sure they know they are not alone in business when they work with you.

Remember, they work more on an emotional level, not a task driven level.

They are loving and also huggers once they trust you!







Herons and Doves speak slower and quieter.


 Their movements and communications

are more cautious.

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