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Managing the email inbox can be a nightmare!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I recently went through my email and decided which companies, trainers, or programs I signed up for yet didn’t take the time to follow up on ALL the resources sent. Something in the original email or ad caught my attention and I grabbed a “seat” on the webinar, summit, podcast or program. I’m glad I did, there is always at least one golden nugget that inspired or re-enforces something I needed to hear.

Right now with everything online, it can certainly feel overwhelming to choose between the programs coming across your screen. But you know the saying, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. By now most of us understand and accept that social media platforms like Facebook were created to learn more about the audience and be able to put content in front of them that they were looking for. And it’s FREE, so we can’t really complain about how the programs evolve since that is what any good marketing program does – it evolves to fill the need of the ideal client.

And we, the “ideal client” are also evolving daily. So, it’s important to choose where you want to spend your time and who fills your bucket with energy, happiness, great idea’s and encouragement! As I looked at the list, my first thought was - To many experts to listen to, not enough time to implement techniques, research, develop content and stay balanced.

Since I do believe that we get what we are looking for, I changed my story to match what I want in my life.

There is enough time for all that is important personally and professionally. The cream will rise to the top.

So, back to the programs and trainers I signed up to get news from. From some of them, I got what I was looking for in the first couple communications. That was GREAT, just what I was looking for – thank you!! The time was right recently to move off the email list as I was no longer checking in to read them. Those that still resonated with me, or I found myself opening the email to read, I definitely stayed on those lists. I don’t want to miss another golden nugget, an insight I need, a program I might not have heard about to simplify my work, or an encouragement to keep me happy and moving forward in my day!

The two most encouraging and supportive trainers I am following right now are Dana Wilde of the Mind Aware, and Kim Serafini of Positive Prime. Check out these wonderful “feel good, get good” programs. It’s FUN, Simple, and Effective!

I have had a great time creating my personal Positive prime video’s for retraining my brain. I can feel and see the difference it is making in my daily life. It’s exciting to continue to learn how the brain works and put it to use. When your unconscious mind is flooded with positive messages over and over, you can feel your body responding in a healthy way. I’m happier after watching my video’s, more energized to work on my business, and more content in daily life. What a way to live!

So, keep in touch, stay tuned, and I’ll bring you the next recommendation to keep living your BEST and most ENJOYABLE life!!

Love, BJ

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