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Networking for Success

Every business needs consistent new clients or team members, and the ability to retain the ones you already have in order to grow. Often I hear entrepreneurs ask "where do I find new clients, what is networking, if I'm going to network, what are the best groups"? Or when they do decide to attend a networking event they wonder, " What do I say"

Effective networking comes from two things;

#1 Taking the time to actually get to know someone.

#2 Being consistent, showing up week after week to participate with the same group. No one wants to refer to someone who appears flaky. You have to earn someone's respect, trust, and business.

My favorite and most effective method in getting to know someone is with the resource notebook. This method feels authentic, is easy to get a yes, and allows me to really get to know someone BEFORE I offer to refer them!

So which networking groups are the best?

Here are a few networking group then I have found to be great connections.

And look for Meet Ups - Look for interests you can either partner with or that are similar to yours if that's best for growth.

If you love what you do, what you have to offer, people, and want to make a difference, give networking a serious and consistent try. I'm here is you need help keeping it FUN!! :)

I take the Lead – Networking Group

Reciproty – Free Networking Resource

NWRI – Networking with Results – a subsidiary of Reciproty

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