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Second Chances!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

It’s been clear and cold for over a week now. David checks the sky several times after dark to see if the Northern Lights might show again.

The first time I saw them I was blown away! We had a full-on sky display unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

It’s about 25 degrees outside, everything is frozen solid with about a foot of snow still on the ground.

There is a soft white glow coming from the mountains down at the bay. So, we bundle up, which for me means 2 sweaters, a vest, the snow bibs, coat, scarf, beanie, gloves, and snow boots. AND I’ll still be a little cold.

Dave throws on his insulated coveralls and boots, runs out to start the Bobcat, and down to the dock we go.

I figured out how to set my camera phone for night pictures and am anxious to give it a try. We have a nice camera, but it doesn’t have a night setting that I can find – yet!

As we drive down to the dock we are keeping out eyes out for wolves, moose (which we saw earlier on the road) and the camp deer. It’s quiet, peaceful, cold and clear. What an amazing night sky!

Down at the dock the sky is dark and dotted with a million stars! It’s amazing what you see when you don’t have the city lights – or any lights actually!

The glow from the mountains moves and shifts, taking on different shapes and nuances. I can’t easily see the colors in the glow, but my camera is picking up the greens pretty well.

Holding your camera with bare hands in 25 degree weather doesn’t last long. But the lure of the Northern Lights is strong. It’s something some people never see in person. Something I have only experienced twice now. So I change hands, hop back in the rid, warm my hands as best I can, and hop back out.

Patience has not always been my long suite, but now with this slower, more peaceful and natural life style, it is coming easier to just sit, enjoy, and be in the moment.

That is also a learned skill, especially for a songbird or raptor. If that reference is new to you, check out the Are You My Flock training to begin to identify the flock you fly with. You’ll love the simplicity and insights in the program.

Here are some of the images we managed to capture. Imagine yourself there, standing at the top of the dock, gazing across the Alaska bay and at the amazing lights streaming from behind the mountains.

Look up at the sky, it’s so clear, intense blue-black with brilliant stars giving texture and meaning to the sky. Are you a star gazer? Where are your favorite constellations? And what looks new to you?

I wish you were standing here with us to experience this for yourself. Nothing in the world replaces personal experiences.

Live each day, in the moments, looking for the joy and beauty all around you. It’s there, you just have to train your brain to be open and see it!

It’s a beautiful way to live, full of joy, wonder, peace, and flow.

Till next time, be safe, live in wonder!


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