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Updated: May 30

The Northern Lights are an AMAZING Experience!

I have never seen the Northern Lights in person before and seeing it with my own eyes was incredible!

It was late, after 11 pm when David looked out the window and was worried about the wind (in relation to the boats) so we bundled up and drove down to the dock to check them. As we got closer and the sky was opening up, it was light all along the mountain tops.

Amazing streaks and feathers of light danced across the night sky. The stars were SO bright and it looked like there were millions everywhere I looked!!

I just stood there in awe, amazed at what I was seeing. Oh, and the boats were ok, by the way. (We live off grid in SE Alaska only accessible by boat or float plane so it's vital to check the boats everyday!)

I think we stood there watching the sky constantly change for over 30 minutes. Then David decided to drive up to the overlook and see if we could see it from a different angle.

That started a whole NEW level of awe and amazement! Instead of just the streaks and sheets of light coming from behind the mountains, suddenly it started to shoot across the entire sky above us.

One second it would look like streaks of white light and sheets of illumination, and the next half second it was zigzagging across the sky.

It changed so fast all we could do was stand there, in the cold, staring in amazement and respect. Probably more so for me as David has seen it a few times, but he said never like that.

At one point the entire horizon lit up and flames of soft colors danced upwards into the ski. It really made me think of my son, Chancy, who loved fire! Bet he was watching me and smiling from heaven.

We made one more run to a different place and I just leaned back and stared, trying to absorb as much of the wonder as I could, knowing I may never see it like that again.

That night there were tons of amazing photos' from Sitka, farther up north and many other places. I feel so blessed to have experienced it for myself.

If you have ever dreamed of exploring Alaska and want a personal, up close experience, let me know.

We host small, private retreats each year! If you are ready to explore the waters, see the icebergs, watch for whales, and take TIME to renew your spirit and passion for life, Be sure to check the webpage for more information!!



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