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The Mindset Needed to Live OFFGRID

Living off grid and being an Independent Entrepreneur have something in common.


To live off grid I think you have to have the ability to say to yourself (and believe it), " I've got this ", I can figure this out", I've made it this far, I must be doing something right.

To live a happy life, we must have a sense of purpose, the desire to look for the good around us, and the willingness to do the work required to succeed.

As an entrepreneur, knowing why you are in business, what difference it truly makes for you and those you serve, and how you will move in your gifts to fulfill your purpose provides excitement and motivation.

There's a difference between something being easy, as in little or no effort, and requiring dedicated effort. However, when you have a clear picture of what needs done and the end result you desire, it becomes rewarding to accomplish it.

For instance, off grid, we collect rain water to drink, wash fruits and veggies in, and cook with.

It takes effort on David's part, remembering to put the buckets out when it's raining strongly, packing them in, and filling the water containers.

But we love the taste of rainwater and it's rewarding and beautiful to look down into a 5-gallon bucket at the beautiful, clear, blueish water. It reminds me of the glacier ice and icebergs!

So, we (mostly David) do it because it feels good to have that feeling of reward.

Just like the times we need to get on the phone or follow up with leads as an entrepreneur.

The task might at first feel daunting, however, when we remind ourselves of why we do it, the difference it' makes, and that wonderful FEELING of accomplishment, it's easier and fun.

What we say to ourselves, and others can make or break us. And it IS possible to change the stories without being fakey.

There are specific tools and techniques I've learned through the years and share them to help others.

When I work with my clients, any and sometimes all of these tools are effectively used.


Transitory Statements




Positive Prime



And out here, off grid, with the animals and nature, these same tools can keep you calm, focused, happy and productive! And when your only way in or out of camp is by water or float plane, mindset is a key component to feeling secure, comfortable, happy and peaceful.

You may be familiar with some of them, others might be new to you. If you could change ONE story running in your mind, what would that be?

Drop me a note and let me know which of these tools or techniques you’d like to explore.

Till next time, stay happy, productive, and positive!



PS: If Exploring Alaska has been on your bucket list, visit the web page to learn more!

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