3 Life hacks I learned late in life…

1. Safety pin socks together before you wash them!

Wish I had known this YEARS ago! Oh my goodness, it’s so easy! I keep safety pins in a little container by my bedside and when I take the socks off I pin them together. OR, most of the time I’m putting a new pair on and just take the pin from them and put it in the ones that need washed! All socks are pinned together and there is NEVER a lost sock in the wash! AND, I don’t have to match socks from the dryer to put away! LOVE IT – thank you Donna S – my past neighbor and angel!!

2. Keep spinach longer by storing it in a lettuce crisper or the plastic tubs greens come in. Put paper towels in the bottom and top and flip the container every couple days. It stays much better than when left in the plastic bag. Living in a remote location caused me to look at any way I could to preserve fresh greens – this one works for about 3 weeks – yeah!!

3. DON’T rename a file AFTER you have used it in anything! The computer (and you probably) won’t know where to look for it – lol! Thanks Chancy!! 😊

OK, There you have it! I'd love to know a life hack or two you have learned before it's to late!!

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