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A Personal Message

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

A year ago, I was still grappling with the overwhelming loss of my son and took a chance on visiting Alaska at the invite of my special guy. It was the start of a wonderful healing process that fed my soul and amazed me with the beauty and peace of SE Alaska.

Now, June of 2020, I am living in that beautiful place, learning more and more about myself, practicing my communication skills and fine tuning my businesses to prosper in the new virtual world. The move was made easier (in one way) by the fact that my house and belongings were destroyed in a fire Oct 4th!! NOT that that was an easy experience on top of the rest of the year. It just created an opportunity to make a change without being tied to my wonderful little log cabin and my belongings.

I am truly grateful for EVERYONE who stepped up and stepped out to support me throughout 2019! I would probably not be on my feet without my family and cherished friends!!

A lot changed for all of us with the virus and I was worried that I would not get to move in time, but April 3rd I was able to jump on Alaska air (thanks to the wonderful generosity of my friend Shauna for the standby tickets) and went straight from the plane to the boat and we came out to camp. So, I not only quarantined for 14 days, I am happy to quarantine here for as long as we are here!

Most of you know how much I love hiking, kayaking, being outside watching birds and letting my mind discover new ideas amongst the peace!

It is SO beautiful here, I never get tired of the view, rain, wind or sun, it’s the peace I have needed for a long time!! Some ask if I miss being social with all the change and my normal life of networking, teaching classes, and hosting events. The one thing that changed that paradigm is the fact that I have been single for almost 20 years, so being in a good relationship, with the time, space, resources and companionship I am now experiencing, It’s not lonely at all. I can talk with my friends and family over WIFI calling, have internet access to run my businesses, and new projects to work on.

I enjoy projects, it’s one of the things I got to do with my son, Chancy, that brought us together and helped us both in many ways. I get to try new projects here and David has been terrific about coming alongside and making it all work. Even when I “organize” things he rolls with the changes.

I am videoing some of this journey, the projects, meeting the bears, making the changes, going through the healing process daily. If you want to join me, I post video’s on this YouTube Channel.

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