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What an amazing day! You know those times in life when you just sit and drink in all the beauty and joy you feel? We’ve all been through tough times and had these moments of joy woven in to keep us going. Sometimes it’s that middle of the night, rocking your baby back to sleep, or the moment you sat by the ocean and just watched the waves wash the shore. I walked down to the dock on a gorgeous sunshiny day and sat with my feet dangling over the edge and had one of the most amazing times of sheer gratitude!

I live in a retreat location; one most people pay thousands and tens of thousands to visit. The mountains glistened with crystal white show, their jagged peaks pushing toward the sky and creating a magical image against the sapphire blue sky. The ridges and tall trees created designs that added character, depth, and curiosity.

What was up there, and I wonder if anyone has ever climbed that peak. The sun shone across the water changing it into a sea of diamonds sparkling brightly, only marked by the occasional ocean bird. The years of tide moving rocks, sand, and trees in and out of the bay created amazing designs on the shore. Rocks of multiple colors with veins of minerals running through them. Huge slabs of quartz, big enough to lay on, all created by nature. What an incredible place! And I get to live here. The gratitude and joy I feel runs deep. I have never been this happy! For myself, and those who have come up, this is a place of healing, restoration, peace, fun and new adventures.

If you have ever wanted to experience remote Alaska, let me know by dropping me a reply message. I pray you are in a place of joy and happiness, that you are healthy and grateful for your life. Love, BJ

If you have always wanted to experience Alaska up close and personal, CONTACT ME today for information on the next retreat! They are limited, exclusive, and by invitation only!

Write to BJ@POPmindset

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