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Cash or Dash??

When I was in my 20's and raising a daughter, having the extra money to travel was just not in the landscape. So when the direct sales company I had joined offered an "all expenses paid" trip to South Beach Florida I was SO excited! Grant you, my girl was just 9 months old and this would be the first time I would be away from her overnight! I lived through it all, had fun and created some vivid memories from the trip! Like watching someone eat a mountain of crab legs when I had never tried them - didn't even know what that looked like - lol!

However now I understand that there isn't actually a ton of meat in each leg so it might take a mountain of them to get full! Jumping in a rental car with a bunch of other crazy girls and driving to the southern most tip of the US in the Florida Keys - how cool - I have a picture somewhere in the computer vault of my life!

Since then I've used these trips to keep me motivated in specific ways in business, and that has kept it more balanced and productive. The other BIG reason I worked for trips was that it gave me a break from my (not always good) marriage, recognition that I loved, and travel to places I may never have been able to go! Like Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Vancouver BC, and all over the US.

Travel has always been my "Hot Button" in business and life. If someone says - "hey, do you want to go..." if it sounds FUN (maybe you can guess one of my core personalities) I'm gonna find a way to make it happen!!

And yes, I juggled things often to make the time or have the money to escape! Usually into Nature! Kayaking or Hiking are always top on the list. And because I had the opportunity to travel every year, I honestly love to fly! If it's a nice long flight that's where I actually get something done. Usually that's some kind of paperwork or writing. Otherwise those things can get pushed aside for other more active things I want or feel I need to do.

So... All this to say, THIS TIME I had the opportunity to opt for the CASH as the trip would be cancelled due to Covid. I could have said, no thanks, and moved onto other activities but HEY - it was $2000.00!! Who's gonna sneeze at that??

And with that bonus I could actually GO on that trip when I wanted. OR, use it for anything else that motivated me.

We all put effort into our businesses and lives for personal reasons. Even when we say it's logical, there is an emotional reason behind the "logic". The more I learn about how my brain processes information, the better equipped I am to use that information to my benefit. For instance, when they changed the trip to CASH, I automatically knew in my spirit and mind that it was a "done deal"! When you know that, your mind and the universe will bring the solutions. Even down to the last minute! If you want something bad enough you will make it happen. That's just how we are wired. And it's a very cool thing. Just be cognizant of that fact and watch what you allow yourself to focus on.

Negative goes looking for more negative! Your brain is wired to find similar thoughts and bind them together. That's why we are always looking for a "me too" when we talk with someone! it's that connection our minds naturally look for. Now we just have to purposefully put a positive, emotionally charged thought in our minds and allow it to go looking for similar thoughts.

For today, I'm grateful for the fun opportunity to earn recognition and CASH, in my own way of running businesses. I Love that TRAVEL has brought me up to Alaska where I have the privilege of living. I Love that I can offer others this amazing experience to heal and refresh the body and mind! And I love that we can be in communication because of the internet!

Till next time, stay safe, get outside to stay sane, and count your blessing (cash or otherwise - lol)!

Love, BJ

Humbug Mountain in Gold Beach. Costa Rica, Alaska, Puerto Rico, New Orleans and Recognition for a Job well done. Please share your comments and celebrations with us!! :)

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