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Covid 19 - Pivot

Covid 19 – a life changer!

Whether you got sick from Covid 19 or stayed well, it effected the entire world, and the ripple effect will go on for quite a while.

This is such a different time, something none of us have ever experienced before!

Crazy lines to get into the grocery store, restaurants closed, friends out of work, businesses shutting down. A sense of grief and disbelief seems to hit almost everyone at one time or another!

The “waiting” has been one of the hardest things to do! As I watch the reactions of my friends, family and network of associates I notice one thing that begins to stand out – community!

Everyone who has asked themselves – how can I help – is facing this life altering change easier.

No, it’s not an easy change to make, but as in anything, our attitude and response vs reaction will make a huge difference in our mental and physical well-being!

I am SO PROUD of each one who has found a way to help a neighbor, make masks, care for loved ones, and make PEACE with the time they have at home!

THIS is the time for us to re-evaluate what is and isn’t important in our usual “rush” to do business!

For many of us, business has been our daily life, breathing and thinking about it every day.

It’s not an easy change! I see one catch phrase pop up on almost every business ad – PIVOT.

In order to stay effective, relevant, sane, and healthy, we need to be able to change direction quickly while keeping one foot grounded! I think keeping the ONE FOOT grounded has been the challenge for some. Feeling a loss of normalcy, not being able to rely on what worked yesterday (last year, last fall, last month!) leaves one lost and un-grounded! That is a tough place to function from.

So, what will you do during this time of extreme change to reconnect with your grounding and feel excited about changing direction? We are most effective and can make the greatest difference in the lives around us when we BELIEVE in what we are doing!

I, for one, am taking time to enjoy the quiet, allow my mind to decompress, and looking at how I can best use this time to grieve when I need to, (major losses in 2019), create joyfully when inspired, and work on projects I have talked about for years and that you have asked for – the Are You My Flock Book and workbook!

I’m still here to connect through Zoom and encourage and support my fellow business associates!

We should have ALL bought stock in ZOOM – right?

Let me know what your greatest “aaha” moment has been through this time of change!

If we haven’t chatted with in a while, I’d love to see your face over a Zoom connection!

I’m scheduling personal chats HERE!

See you soon! Hugs, BJ

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