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Fear Paralyzed Me!

Updated: May 30

As I lay there trying to sleep, my mind kept racing - Can I make the bills, how can I make this work, what if not enough business comes in??

And even though my "logical" brain said, stop worrying, it always works out, you have never starved or been without somewhere to sleep, you'll be fine! The other part of my brain ( you can call it the subconscious, or the unconscious) just kept cycling around and around the worry over money!

I was absolutely stuck, paralyzed with these thoughts! Have you ever been there?

If so, you know that worrying and cycling through the thoughts never fixes it. However, if you don't have a tool to change that, what do you do?? Distract yourself, work harder, change professions, procrastinate!

I'm a believer that when you are ready for change, the avenue will appear. It might have been there all along but you just didn't see it because you weren't ready to receive it yet! As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

My teacher appeared as an ad on Facebook and I listened for over an hour to a terrific new teacher with an idea I had never heard of. That idea has been a life saver for me! And it opened my mind to accepting more ways of changing how I think and process challenges.

By now you might be saying - ok BJ - what the heck was the tool or idea - spit it out already!!

Before I share this terrific tool with you, let me just say it partners so well with one of the other activities I use to re-train the brain. When I say re-train the brain, I'm not talking about distracting from the problem. Quite the opposite, and that's probably why I avoided it for so many years. I had the deeply ingrained belief that if I talked about my fears or brought them out into the open they would set me back, take me down so far that I wouldn't be able to crawl out from under the bed at all. I'd just get so depressed and hopeless that I would not be able to function at all. So that alone was a HUGE fear that needed to be addressed. But how do you do that is a safe, healing way that takes the power OUT of the fear??

This tool created the avenue for that. It took some time, but all habits, thought processes or beliefs that are deeply ingrained take time. That's what creates our habits and beliefs - repetition and emotion!

When you finally get SO TIRED of living with fear, you make the decision to change SOMETHING, Anything, in order to feel whole again!

So I invested in the first of several new (to me) coaches and programs that have absolutely SAVED and CHANGED my life!! Without these I would probably still be stuck!

Money management was the first trigger that sent me looking deeper, but since then I have had WAY to many opportunities to use these tools and now they are just part of me!

From dealing with the loss of my son, to my house burning, and now living in a beautiful, however, REMOTE area of Alaska, I get to practice it when I hike (bears, wolves, moose, the occasional wolverine), learning to carry a gun and letting go of triggers around that, making my way in a new world has taught me more and I continue to practice and dig deeper.

Because itches tools and techniques are so powerful, I teach them at retreats and use them for some of my coaching clients as well.

All this to say, no matter what the fear is, there is an answer and HOPE to lesson it's grip on you!!

Part of growing is being willing to take that first step out of our fear in search of peace, hope and prosperity. If this resonates with you, I would be honored to help you on your journey!

Talk with you soon!


Here are some links to these amazing trainers and coaches.

The first one I'm talking about is the EFT with Jessica and Nick Ortner. This gave me a hands on technique along with the emotional support to begin to actually take the POWER out of the paralyzing thoughts and replace it with excitement and hope!

The Tapping Solution with Jessica and Nick-

Along with this, I also learned more about transitory statements -

Dana Wilde - The Mind Aware-

And the newest tool is Positive Prime. -Positive Prime - with Kim Serafini -

WOW, that one is really cool and pulls together a lot of the information from previous programs.

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