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Finally, the book is on it's way!

Well, here it is Sunday, June 21st, 2020 and I’m finally starting to write the book to accompany the Are You My Flock personality profiling program I wrote years ago.

People always ask me; do you have a book on this? And I have said (for years), not yet, but it’s coming!

A lot has happened in the last year and a half that finally propel me forward to actually sit down and write the book. My daughter, who knows me WAY to well, said, I can’t imagine you writing a book!!

When I told her I planned on speaking it into a voice to text program, she said “Oh PLEASE send me the first copy BEFORE you fix anything, I want to laugh my butt off!” Which of course made me laugh too! If you have used voice to text on your messaging and looked at what the automated program THOUGHT you said, you KNOW it’s gonna be funny before you even start!

So now, I am in a new environment, new lifestyle, new time in my life and it’s time for this!

I have organized, cleaned, rearranged, sorted, stacked, and dumped to my heart’s content and almost everything I wanted to have “fixed” in my new home is done.

There are more things I can dive into, but I’m content for now that it’s done as much as needed for me to feel settled and welcomed.

On we go to the book! I’m glad it has taken me this long to get to the writing of the book as I have learned so much between the time I started teaching the program and now. Times have changed, new information needs to be addressed. For instance, so many people only have online, phone, text, email or messenger to communicate with prospects and clients. That changes how we “read” someone’s personality. It also leaves a LOT MORE room for miscommunication!

As I pull together all the elements of the program, my desire is to bring the natural humor that comes from trying to read people, all the comical misunderstandings, and help you let go of things that you no longer need to take personally when dealing with another “flock”. Come along with me as I write this book for you in my new location in REMOTE Alaska!!

See you soon,

Love, BJ

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