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Are You My Flock - Using Personality Profiling on the job.

By BJ Stromme

Lower your turnover rate and increase productivity when your employees love their jobs.

As a business owner, hiring the right people for specific jobs saves time, money, and frustration.

There are several things to have in place before you start the interview process.

Ø Having a clear description of the job being filled.

Ø A realistic expectation about the value of the job. IE; Is it part time, temporary, or a possible career move.

Ø The ability to quickly and clearly identifying the “Flock” or natural personality of others.

Ø Understanding the strengths and challenges of each “Flock”.

Ø The skill of asking open ended questions to create authentic engagement.

When you begin interviewing prospects, asking open ended questions will help you gain deeper insights into their personality, strengths, and challenges. Thus, helping you know if the person you are hiring for the job description is a good fit.

For those already on the job, employees. owners, and department leaders, if these 5 basics have not been explained and implemented, it can result in frustration, lack of respect, poor job performance and high turnover.

Having a clear description of the job along with realistic expectations for both the employee and employer helps to alleviate miscommunication. If the job is temporary or part time, there might not be additional job training or expectation of moving to another department or moving up in the company. Along with that, the employer can expect a high turnover rate with less job commitment on the part of the employee.

Helping someone feel valued, heard, and effective, so they want to come to work, is the key to employee retention. This additional article from Gallup can give you insights on what your employees are looking for at work. And it can change according to their personal life-work balance so check in with them often.

Being able to identify, clearly and accurately, the “flock”, or personality someone flies with makes a big difference in knowing if they will be a fit and have a natural tendency toward the job requirements. When you understand how each flock processes information, how they think, talk, dress, and interact with others, you have the information needed to help them excel in your business. You also have the knowledge to provide the correct balance of challenge and support on the job.

To help explain the term “flock”, I’ll reference basic personality profiling first, then more from my book, “Are You My Flock”.

There are four basic personality profiles addressed in almost every program.

1. Leader (Raptors in my Are You My Flock Book)

2. Analytical (Herons)

3. Social (Songbirds)

4. Supporter (Doves)

As you read these descriptions you will have images and words come to mind around each of the common bird category. This makes it easy to understand and learn how to identify and speak the language of all four “flocks” for the greatest results. This is a key element in working with people. And people are our business. Even if it’s a product or service you sell, none of it survives and grows without the cooperation of people.

We need all four flocks in our businesses and lives. Each one brings natural strengths that when directed correctly bring quick, satisfying results for everyone involved.

For instance, Raptors are natural leaders. They can take charge when needed, delegate and direct clearly and manage projects and processes well. They are visionaries, seeing the big picture and moving boldly toward their goals. They would not be in their best environment as HR or Data Input. They work well with task oriented, fast moving activities.

Herons are quiet, detail minded and private individuals. They naturally see the small steps, love research, and can work well alone. They would not enjoy being in a highly social, loud, or active environment. Data processing, engineering, program development, would be more along their natural tendency.

Songbirds are social, usually positive, and active people. They naturally like to talk and create. They are relationship oriented, so working a front desk, customer service, sales, or creative design might be right down their alley. They enjoy being with others and do well in a team.

Doves are your supporters. They care deeply about the people in their life. Relationships are more important than tasks. Doves naturally look for ways to keep the peace, working with others to help have an atmosphere of calm, happy, friendly results. They are good with customer service, health care industries, and teaching just for example.

Consider this, if you were going to host a company party, here’s how each flock would shine.

The Raptor is good at getting the ball rolling, choosing a date and time and possibly a theme for the party.

Your Songbird loves to tell everyone and could come up with games, decorations, posters, contests, and make it a fun event. That is a Songbirds Motto – FUN!

Heron’s will make sure someone called the caterer, event space is rented, and supplies are ordered. (The Songbird will forget you need x number of cups etc. till the last minute)

The Doves are amazing at set up and clean up if they have a helpful, positive, and friendly team to work with. They like to make sure everything is going well, the food is out, people are having fun, and all is well.

There are Challenges within each flock as well. When you are aware of these and take personal responsibility to learn and understand all four flocks, and how to work effectively with them, your world can run much smoother without drama, conflict, and communication problems.

Keep in mind that anyone can exhibit characteristics from all four flocks depending on the environment they are in at the time. Everyone can work, personally, on their own strengths and challenges to improve their communication skills.

When you have a greater grasp on how people process information and how you can hold your own ground while speaking their language, it can create positive change.

Whether you are managing employees or even caring for your children, understanding how they are wired and what makes them happy and productive is the key to great relationships.

For the book “Are You My Flock” , Personal or Business coaching, or team training for your organization, please visit or contact

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