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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

One of the things I hear often is "I wish" and that can be followed by any of these:

  • I could lose weight

  • I could find new clients

  • Had more time..

  • I had known...

  • I could change...

  • They would...

  • I could turn back time to...

  • I had more money

And the list goes on! Trust me, I am keenly aware of the desire to wish away past circumstances, and consequences. BUT, we have today, so let's see what can be done to move into the results we want and turn wishes into Reality! The #1 Tool that will change your results is changing your "story". Your story is what you tell yourself and others, usually automatically, that plays out to give you the results you already "fear" you will get. Check out how this feels as you read this! I am really working hard to build my business, but I feel like I'm networking a lot and not getting the results I want. Or I feel heavier than I want, but, I'm working hard to lose weight. Do these "stories" resonate or leave you less than excited? (By the way, think about this, when you lose something, what does your brain tell you to do?? FIND IT! Ask me for other words to trick your brain in supporting your goals. ) Now try a transitory statement. It's a tool with a specific formula to re-train your brain using the knowledge of how our mind translates certain words. I feel like I'm networking a lot without the best results, BUT, today, I'm open to meeting a terrific person that is a perfect match for my business! OR I'm heavier than I want to be, BUT, I LOVE that I'm eating healthy and am taking care of my body, today! Feel a little different? Your words will make or break your results. And it has to be personally designed around your fears, desires, and level of belief. It's a powerful way to make long lasting change! Much more effective that wishing! Want help with that wish list? Contact me and let's change the story together!! Till next time!! Love, BJ

PS: Need help navigating the life/work journey? Here are the ways I can support you... 1. Personal Coaching - Build your confidence and get the tools needed to maximize your efforts! (PS: I have ONE opening for next months Coaching session) 2. Group or Office Training - Contact me today to design a personal training class that fits the needs and goals of your team! 3. Retreats or Classes - Check the Facebook Page for the latest events! Helping you create a life of Joy and Balance!

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