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Journey to Celebration – Alaska Natives travel by canoe to Juneau!

Updated: Jun 1

What would fill you with the desire to paddle 250 miles (or more) in a canoe?

We had the privilege of meeting many of the travelers as they stopped to rest on the shores of our camp.

Tired, wet, but still happy they were on this unique journey, they shared some of their stories with us.

They were making this Journey to Celebration honoring their Native Alaskan Heritage, and for some, honoring, and remembering, the loss of a loved one.

Be sure to scroll right to see all the pictures.

This journey was made possible by many people helping each other.  From the support boats to the volunteers, to the families in the canoes, with the heart to make sure others were doing ok, each one made a difference in the experience.

One of our visitors, Bonnie, actually lived here at camp back during the active logging days.

Bonnie and her husband, Stormy brought their family, and three BEAUTIFUL Hand Carved Red Cedar Canoes.  His heart for learning and preserving the ancient art of canoe carving is beautiful to hear about, and to SEE the boats in person was such a gift!

Be sure to check out these boats and learn more about this journey. 

AND, send up a prayer for their safety, health, better weather, and happy endings!

It’s been raining for days here in SE Alaska.  It’s dryer today for a bit, but rain is in the forecast, so they are not “out of the woods” yet.  Well…they are out of the woods and onto the water.

It’s interesting to think about this type of journey.  Would you take it? 


What WOULD you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

We often focus on what will happen IF (or if fear has a hold on your mindset – when) you fail.

And what does fail really mean?  That is didn’t work THIS TIME, or THIS WAY!

We know intellectually that failure isn’t permanent, or rarely. But emotionally it can run us if we don’t change the thought process!

 Our thoughts run our emotions, which dictate our actions, consequently giving us our results. 

So, how do you create change that will last? 

It’s not by any of these things:

Extreme diet

Extreme workout program

Trying – anything (Try is a feeble attempt at failure!)

Moving (your problems can move with you 😉)


Want 3 Hands on tools that can create Lasting Results?

Grab these – and keep paddling!

Download PDF • 247KB

To learn more about this amazing journey and a few of the wonderful people we met, check out the links!

Love, BJ

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