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Knee Jerk Reaction?

I had the greatest conversation with my daughter around personality profiling and this insight came up. She was talking about one particular child in class that was tough to deal with and as I listened, I wondered if possible this child was of the one personality that is hardest for her to work with. So I asked her, is it possible this child is a ____________ (fill in the flock) and you naturally react to them, kind of like a knee jerk reaction, rather than respond through awareness of their personality, challenges, and how THEY need to be communicated with?

Now don't get me wrong, this girl is super smart, smarter than me! :) However, we have all programmed ourselves through repetition and emotion to react to specific personalities and situations in ONE expected way. And unless we STOP and think about who we are working with, how they communicate, what their challenges and strengths are, we will rarely react (much less respond) a different, more productive way!

Food for thought!

I love learning, every day, more and more about reading people and learning their language instead of expecting them to speak mine. Is it perfect - no of course not! Do I sometimes miss the mark - yep! And do I always WANT to communicate with everyone I meet - not at all! However, with the training and insights I've developed, I have choices!

Before I understood this, I just reacted or responded without any awareness of how it could be different, or more effective. What about you? Have you experienced conversations that you felt were disconnected? They didn't understand you, or you didn't understand them?

Maybe you will benefit from this fun new book!

Because, now it's a fun game of sorts, to figure out who I am talking to and what is important to them. Then, I know how to help them get what they want, and it helps me move toward my goals naturally.

We've all heard the saying, Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

So, What flock do you fly with?

Learn more about this fun and effective personality profiling skill set here -

I can't wait to hear your takaways!!

Love, BJ

PS: By the way, she totally caught herself and switched up her interaction for terrific results!

Like I said, she's smart!

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