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Living in a Retreat Location

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Living in a Retreat Location is something most of us dream of! Being able to have the type of relaxation all around us that feeds the soul and calms the mind is amazing! It brings us the benefits of Nature, Quiet, A Slower pace, and the Opportunity for Adventures! You may Not be in a Retreat Location (like I am) however, with MANY of us working from home, we can take advantage of the opportunity to rethink how we use our time, energy, and emotions! Why not incorporate some of the SAME techniques we use when on vacation to maximize our current situation?

  • Time to think- Make this time work for you – when are you most productive during the day?

Decide – It’s imperative! Ask yourself, just because I CAN fit this into my schedule, does it serve me and my life’s goals? Many times we allow ourselves to feel pushed into an activity that is not in alignment with our purpose.

  • STOP

  • Think about it

  • Ask yourself, how does this feel? Is this beneficial to me or someone I care about?

  • Is it important?

  • Will it make a difference in the long run?

Taking time for what feeds your soul is NOT selfish!! I am blessed to be in such an incredible place that calls me outside for a walk, sitting at the dock and watching the water, relaxing at the “Trailer with the View”, or just spending time trying a new recipe! The creative part of your brain can’t work when you are fearful, worried, majorly stressed, or running 90 miles an hour. It automatically goes into fight or flight mode.

The old “JUST BREATH” actually does work! Here’s a great exercise on breathing away your stress.

Just another resource that came across my path and I am using to stay happy, balanced, and learning!

  • Balance the Body – Balance the Mind!

  • Go on an Adventure!

Get out, let go of the work for a while, just enjoy BEING! The work will still be there when you get home. The world will still go around without you holding it up for a few days – or even hours. It’s amazing how much “stuff” I think I should do and if it doesn’t get done it really doesn’t make that much of a difference!! It’s incredible to see places and things I never would have imagined!! Like Endicott Bay – WOW – Just WOW!! Speaking of ADVENTURE – We have several retreats planned! Some small private retreats with a LOT of one on one personal coaching and business development time, and some with more time spent exploring and experiencing the area we are in. Stay tuned in – they fill fast and are not largely advertised as I have a loyal retreat group! Let me know if you want to be on the list for the news first!! Till next time, Love, BJ

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