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Staying on TARGET in the New Year! Dealing with Overwhelm, Scheduling, and Meeting NEW people!

#1 - My top strategy for dealing with feeling overwhelmed...


I found this technique several years ago when I found myself dealing with fears that were OLD and I Knew they were not logical or based on fact! However, they poked thier ugly head up way to often and I was sick of dealing with it!

I invested in a Tapping Series to be accountable to the training and practise. It made a wonderful difference in my mindset, emotions, and results!

So, now I share that information with my entrepreneurs.

Here is the site I recommend, use for myself, and send my clients to!

Tip #2 - How to manage my scheduling calendar.

In the past, I would send an email to people I met at networking and offer a few openings for a coffee date or appointment time to get to know them. The problem that often occurs was, by the time one person replied I might have already heard from 1 or 2 others and the dates offered no longer were available! So when I came across Calendly - through another trainer online - I gave it a try and loved it!

It does take a little understanding, however, it is great for managing scheduling calendars!

Tip #3 What to do with all those NEW business cards collected!

How do you choose who to meet with, what to do with those cards, how to organize the information you collect? I have been using a great networking notebook program for years and I love it! It's on my website and it will help you know how to interview your prospect, what to ask and why, and how to determine if they are a good connection for you or someone you know!!

it is simply a 7 email series, seperate from signing up for the newsletter or the "Are You My Flock" online training offers. Once you get the emails, you won't receive any others from that sign up!

How to get the most from First, what might you need to support your growth? If you are in direct sales, there are free resources to help with scheduling, hostess coaching and closing the sale. If you network, there are free resources to help you know how to be more effective in that. There are separate sign up lists for information, so you can choose what you want to learn about. Frustrated in connecting to get more Yes's?? Sign up for the next "Are You My Flock" personality profiling webinar or class!!

I am here to help, simply give me a call, text or email and let's connect!!

BJ :)

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