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Balance is a dance between what I feel HAS to be done today, and what I know I need to do for my personal and mental well being - today!!

In the work world, balance started a long time ago by learning to schedule my work as an entrepreneur around my family and life obligations. Working with a calendar is vital if you want to feel you have some control of your life! Entrepreneurs and those who work out of their own home are often viewed and "not working" by those in the corporate world. It's a different view of "work" and sometimes others just don't get how you make a living working for yourself! However, tens of thousands choose to be self employed, or at least in control of their schedule and time investments. It's rewarding, challenging, and pushes you toward a lot of personal growth. I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I start the year with a 12 month calendar and get as much scheduled out as I can so I can see what else I want to fit in that moves me and my business forward. We do this at our first of the year retreats so it really helps focus the mind for intentional actions each week. When I review the results of scheduling in the FUN time first, and then the work schedule around that, it's rewarding to see that the income never suffers when my time is balanced.

Part of that happens because your mind knows you have a certain time frame to accomplish the task or project at hand. So you will work more effectively and more focused.

That's a Brain Trainer Skill - more on that in another post!

Networking is an important part of meeting new people, building valuable relationships, and helping one another! One of the wonderful little apps I ran across for helping me schedule my networking coffee dates is Calendly! This app makes it easy to follow up with those I meet.

AND, here is the other thing it helps with - sorting serious prospects! You might have gone to a networking event and received a pile of business cards. When I get home, I send a thank you email to each one with a link to the calendar, inviting them to schedule a time to get together so I can get to know them. Those that follow up are serious about building connections. Those that do not are either too busy to see the value, or not serious enough and just "fishing" at each networking event. That makes my time more effective and rewarding! If you haven't heard of the Resource Notebook I use, you're missing a terrific free tool.

The NON WORK side of pursuing a balanced life is having time for ME! Just to do whatever I want, to let my mind rest, spend time with family, friends, or just alone!

Balance for me happens when I can get outside! Hiking or Kayaking, or bird watching!

I love it all.

Here are my favorite 3 hikes in the Pacific Northwest! I have tons more!!

This area is absolutely magical! Lakes all over, beautiful flowers, views from the top that are amazing. It's always on my list!

This beautiful area has the clearest, blue green pools of water along the river! It's a wonderful place to hike and swim on a summer day!

Another beautiful hike along the creek and the falls are gorgeous! You can actually walk under them if you are careful. The rocks are really slippery!

So, get out there and enjoy yourself! Let your mind relax and find solutions to your concerns. Refresh your soul with a little nature and you will work so much more happily.

Here's to your Success and Balance in life!


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