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I HATE "Fielding" ;)

Have I told you lately that I hate "fielding"?

Fielding is a common term in direct sales and MLM that indicates you're going out into the public with the specific purpose of finding new prospects. I have always hated that feeling of pressure that seems to come with the thought of having to talk to someone out of the blue about my business.

It feels slimy, pushy and just plain uncomfortable. Let's face it - there is always the possibility that someone will reject your offer. Can you relate?

Because NEW people are vital to any business, you really need to learn how to meet and cultivate those relationships! I found that the 4 keys to my success made all the difference in building comfortably!!

So here was my wonderful day today, out and about, just being open to who I might share with and how I might bring that up in a fun and comfortable way. First of all, you can't share something

with someone if you don't have enough yourself. So being prepared emotionally and physically has to be your number one step.

#1 Prepare your Mindset - WHY would you like to meet someone new and what would you like to learn about them?

#2 Develop your communications skills!!

It's easier to give something away when the person receiving it actually wants it :-) and you won't know if they want something unless you have a comfortable way of asking.

#3 ACT - Take action toward toward your WHY. Get prepared if you need to have something to share. Schedule the time or something else will take it's place. Focus on the FEEL GOOD you know comes your way when the connections are right!

#4 CELEBRATE - Set up your follow through emails or texts right away so you can enjoy a job well done!

So I started my day knowing that I had wonderful little samples that I would happily share, and a day of errands and purposeful stops. First stop of the day, an absolutely cool little coffee shop, not quite open, where I dropped off some personal care bags for fire refugees. This amazing mom business owner is organizing donations that she can give to a few of her connections that can get them to the people that need them.

And as I have the opportunity to get to know her and ask questions about who she was and what was so special about this project for her, I knew I wanted to get to know her better and offer her an opportunity to be in my free business resource notebook. So that turned into an opportunity to offer her a gift and set up a coffee date to get to know her. And that feels good! 

One of my favorite  locally owned fresh food markets was a stop I couldn't miss while on  this side of town.  Having the opportunity to carry on a conversation with the gal behind the counter, finding out what's important to her, learning more about her skin through the right kind of questions, and we have each other's information and she now has a skincare sample to use. And that feels good! 

Next stop, auto store to get a filter for my car. Having wandered in without my reading glasses, I needed help, and as a thank you, it gave me an opportunity to ask a few questions and offer a test Market gift to the hard-working girl behind the counter.

Onward to make a client delivery. This client is a cherished long-term client and has a dog she loves. I have been meaning to pick up dog treats so today was my reminder and into the store I went. Once again I have the opportunity to get to know the checker by asking her just a few questions and getting her to talk, and asking her if she would like to have a little treat to take on vacation. She was happy to be a test Market client, picked the product she liked, and we both felt good about it.

Next stop, the bank, to put all that fun money in.  I have been building relationships with the girls at the bank for many months, and have the opportunity to continue to develop that relationship with one of the new girls. One more sample given out, a little more information about what she liked, and again I leave feeling comfortable about my sharing.

Last stop of the Day, post office to mail out these wonderful packages to my amazing clients. There are three women at the post office who want books every single month, one of them is a client, the other two are coming along slowly. So I left new books, pointed out the amazing special and continue to build that relationship in a fun comfortable way for all of us. So all-in-all, I handed out eight test Market gifts, connected with new people who were excited to try something they chose, and strengthened relationships with business women I see on a regular basis.

And THAT Feels GREAT!!

Happy Sharing! :)

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