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Faith over Fear!

Updated: Jun 8

The light danced across the water like a million fireflies, gathered for a family reunion. The happy, big kind.


It was a beautiful day, the storms of the past 3 days

had finally blown through and it was time to head home. 


We left Juneau Alaska headed for camp after 3 days of shopping for camp and living supplies.


We don’t go to Juneau very often, maybe once a year, as it’s notorious for rough water somewhere along the way.

Even in the fast boat, (AKA Landing Craft with a FLAT bottom and drop-down gate), it's 3-4 hours on the water. And if there's any waves, it's a rough ride.


This time we took the Oz, our new live aboard boat, so we would have a place to stay and more room for supplies. There was talk of a new refrigerator, but they have to be ordered and shipped. From Juneau’s Home Depot, it’s a 6 8-week process! And of course, they can’t actually “deliver”, so it’s shipped to our closest town, Petersburg, and we have to wrestle it down the dock, onto the boat, off the boat onto the dock at home, onto the little 4 wheel “mule”, back up the dock, and up the stairs into the house. 


SO different from city life, right? We decided to just look in Petersburg on the next trip even though the choices are slim and more expensive.


While in Juneau, we shopped like crazy, hauled boxes and bags and carts of supplies out to the car, into carts, down the ramp, and onto the boat. Mostly down the stairs and into the V-berth for the long ride home. Then we get to reverse the process back at camp.


Up the stairs from the V-berth, out the door, handed down to the dock, onto the little mule or bobcat, up the ramp and hill to the house. Up the stairs into the house and finally...finding a place for it all. Whew, I’m almost tired just thinking about it. 

But when you live off grid, creating a Costco space is vital.                                                                                                                                                   

 Today, as I watch the sun dancing across the water, I see whale spouts up ahead in the distance. 

Shooting plumes of what look like steam high into the air, that dissipates into the breeze. Occasionally I see the reflection of the water glistening on their backs as they dive deep, showing off that beautiful tail as they disappear under the waves.


So far, I've seen 3 HUGE cruise ships, plowing seamlessly they the water.

Like floating cities, high above the wildlife of the water and oblivious of the waves.


Fortunately, today the waves are pushing us along in the right direction.

There are some good 3-4 ft waves and some white capping. 

The OZ rides them well, especially when going with them

No items leaping off the counters on this trip..yet. As Dave teases, days not over yet.  Lol


 I remind myself daily on the power of my mindset!

If was a fearful minded person, or allowed myself to focus on what could go wrong, the angle of the waves hitting the boat, the white caps I can see in the distance, the whale spouts that might pop up right in front of me as I’m driving while the captain naps, I would totally MISS the beauty and wonder of actually being out here on the water!


Faith over Fear!  It’s a choice we all have, every day, in every situation.   This doesn’t mean the fears don’t cross my mind. It just means that I choose not to allow them to stay. 

I purposefully use real tools to minimize the thoughts and redirect my mind to what I WANT in my life!

Joy, Peace, Beauty, and the Ease and Flow of living a life I love!!


When we can recognize fear or anxiety for what it is – the thought that something MIGHT happen.  It’s our survival mechanism firing in the brain. 

Most of the time what we “fear” never materializes.

It’s False Evidence Appearing Real.

Or another way to think of it is, Face Every Angst Rationally.


When I focus on gratitude, trust, love, and the beauty in nature, I’m able to enjoy each day with more peace and joy!


If you would like to know more about these hands-on tools for happiness, CLICK HERE, and I’ll send them to you!


Here’s to your journey of faith over fear, thriving vs surviving!


Much love, BJ


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