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I ALMOST can't Believe this...

As I sit here at the “trailer with the view” on this rainy June day, I am amazed at how blessed I am and how much my life has changed in the last year! It’s interesting, my guy mentioned that I am finally slowing down to “smell the roses” compared with the first time I drug him up the mountain for a hike!

I had to stop and think about it for just a moment and I realized that the feeling of “keeping up” as an Independent Entrepreneur has stretched not only throughout my work day, but that “work hard, play hard” mantra is a thought process I have carried for so long!!

There’s always that next goal to reach, the next promotion to earn, or an extra expense to find a way to cover. Rarely did my work life slow down for to long, and if it did, I found a project that needed my attention!

For the last 3 months I have had the privilege of being in a place so remote, with few expectations of myself, that I got a taste of what my life can be, that picture we all strive for where we have work enough to bring us purpose and joy, and TIME do BE and DO what brings us LIFE!

One of the reasons so many of us decide to work for ourselves is the allure of Freedom!! We all want to feel like we call our own shots, decide where and when we want to go somewhere or do something, yet most of the time that is not 100% our reality! Yes, it takes work to create a successful business, take care of family and create a home. But, when we finally learn how to let go of the actions and thought processes that keep us running the hamster wheel, and look for just those few key actions and interactions that will bring us in union with the right people, the people who want what we bring to the table and know the value and benefits, the people who are more than willing to invest in themselves through you, it’s a BEAUTIFUL life!

I came down to the trailer to cook my “demon pork” as my guy calls it, ( It’s just bacon – lol), because I knew it would take a while, smoke up the house and WHY NOT!!

It’s amazing to relax down here. I brought my laptop and get to sit, looking out at the cloudy beautiful sea, watch the birds, turn the bacon once in a while, and revel in the feel this time of my life has brought me! What a complete change, and so needed. That desire for the world to stop, yet not feel like I’m behind when I get back, has started to be part of my being and I am DEEPLY grateful! OH, and every now and then I look over my shoulders to make sure a bear is not coming to visit and take my coveted bacon!! 😊

So, as I contemplate where I am now, I ask myself, what are the most important things I did to succeed in business over the years. There are 3 things, I think, that make up who I am today and what I can bring to my people.

1. My ability to relate and create authentic relationships. I am blessed to have people who love and value me, and I likewise love and value who they are in my life!

2. Investing in myself. I know that others have walked through business challenges like mine – and before me – so they have tips, techniques, and insights that will help me do a better job with less trial and error. I believe in getting help, even when it’s hard to ask! This has been a lesson I have learned through tragedy and sorrow – others WANT to be of help and support! We are blessed when we can lesson someone else’s load, so learning to let others help when needed gives them the opportunity to be blessed also.

3. Be consistent. Even if it’s a little at a time. It’s better to be present in your business a little each day or week, whatever your vision requires, than to kill yourself pulling all-nighters and then disappear for weeks! (well, I never disappeared for weeks, but I’ve definitely pulled my share of all-nighters for a variety of reasons!).

Now, in this time of online connecting, my business life has changed. And with a new life style, relationship and remote living location, I want to be more present in my enjoyment of each day! No more going through each day on remote control.

I am still surprised when I find myself wondering, what should I do now? That was never a thought when I was in the city! There always seemed to be more “work” than hours in the day. It was a conscious effort on my part to find a balance, taking time to hike or go kayaking, watching movies, and purposefully stepping away from the computer.

It’s easier now, less pulling at my everyday time, and more freedom to take care of myself. I started taking time for yoga and love how my body feels, I’ve taken a couple yoga classes, and always heard it was amazing, guess I never had just the right class till I started these simple ones through my phone app. Who knew?

I’m still hiking, sharing the roads with porcupine, bears, moose, deer, and martins. It’s beautiful, I keep posting little nature breaks to help you experience just 30 seconds of the peace I have here!

If you have missed them, or want to learn more of what brought me here, let’s connect through YouTube.

Well, the bacon is done! YUM! I won’t be hungry for supper – even though it’s Halibut! On the other hand…..

Guess I’ll pack up, sit for a few more minutes listening to the birds, wind, rain, and wind, the head up the hill for home. Halibut is calling my name!

Till next time, Breathe, Relax, Count your Blessing, Stay Safe!

Love, BJ

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