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As Entrepreneurs, we are often self-driven to work much harder, and longer, than if we actually worked FOR someone. However, learning to take care of our mental, physical and emotional well being to create a more balanced life is a task we all need to pay attention to. There are MORE than enough people to fill your business with leads, clients, and business partners. The ability to see abundance starts in your mind.

What are the stories you tell yourself everyday that are coming true? Are you thinking, "I wonder where my next client will come from". Or, "where will I get more clients!"

Ever notice that we don't worry about having enough air to breath, or water to drink. I don't think that when I breath in, someone else does not get to! There's MORE than enough for us both!

So why do we LOOK for ways to narrow our possibilities in every other aspect of our life when the most important is taken care of.

It's because we have attached meaning to events in our life that we interpreted as "not good enough" or "lack", or "not worthy".

I say all this simply to encourage you to stop for a minute and look for ways to see and access abundance in your life!

For me, it started with the hope that things could be different. Then I learned the power of focus and positive sayings to support that hope. Sayings, mantra's, affirmation, statements, these are all ways to talk to our mind and keep in a positive emotional state so we feel happier! And feeling happier is HUGE in being more productive. Knowing how to use these tools effectively, and be present in each day consciously, rather than allowing the day to run on autopilot, can change your results!

There is so much more to living in abundance than just thinking good thoughts - but that's a powerful start! Stay tuned into the training to learn more!

Here's my favorite support for you - Re-Train your brain - by Dana Wilde

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