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Life is never boring off grid.

When the NE winds come whipping across the mountains and down the channel at 35 knots, with gusts of 45, it’s time to move!

And I don’t mean us – I mean the boats!

Even though they are tied up to a dock, the wind can whip the waves up over 4 feet, washing up and over the dock creating an ice-skating rink!

If ice builds up on the back of the boats it causes them to ride lower in the water and eventually the water will come rushing into the scuppers and down they go!

(That actually happened to the “assistant” one winter! I’ll have to tell you that story later.

It hit so hard the other night that it broke one of the buoys loose and I could see it at the bottom of the bay under the boat. Fortunately, there are always sleeper knots and ropes on all boats. What’s a sleeper knot you might ask?

It’s the kind of knot that allows you to feel comfortable sleeping at night – lol.

You might keep your car in the garage or the driveway to keep it safe. We keep our transportation in the water, because that’s the only way in and out of here.

It’s a process moving the boats that involves making a quick decision, jumping in the boat and motoring it to safe portage. All the while, I jump back in the bobcat and drive the snow and ice covered road to the other dock to meet and greet. 😊

Tying up at the other dock is a bit trickier! It’s not a normal flat dock, it’s ROUND. Yep, round.

So, you have to reach over the sides to gain access to some of the tie ups. And it’s cold, windy, and sometimes getting dark. But, David walks it like a mountain goat, I walk it like a penguin – lol. All bundled up to stay warm and with the lifejacket over all that, it’s a waddle to be sure!

I love learning and feeling a part of the team. If you had to do it alone it would take a LONG time as you would have to WALK back to the main dock to get the second boat. Yep, we watch TWO boats to keep them safe.

You know I’ve done a lot of mindset work through the years, understanding how to maintain a positive and joy filled life. So even if I start to feel nervous, or doubt my capabilities, I KNOW I make a difference and am gaining confidence and skills each day.

That little voice in your head that tells you stories, you can train it you know. And taking the time to learn and use tools and techniques to keep myself in a happy, positive, and productive state of mind has paid off in a huge way! I wouldn’t trade this life for anything (well maybe except for my boy).

However, living here, in all this amazing nature has been the most healing move in my life.

So, moving the boats, even several times a week, just adds variety a little excitement, and team value to my life! I am deeply grateful for each of you, and would love to share some of the tips and tools that have helped me be happy, prosperous and productive.

Won’t you join me for one of the next FREE Master Classes?

Till next time, stay safe, moving forward and loving your life!

Love, BJ

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