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Walking my talk (or rather crawling)

October 23, 2016


September 2016

I recently had the opportunity to REALLY practice what I teach!  A hiking friend of mine wanted to tackle a ridge hike she had not been able to finish due to weather - 4 years ago!

So I said sure!

As the climb started out, I was talking to myself in my head.  

You know the routine right?

"You can do this, it's a beautiful day, I am so glad I am healthy and love to hike!"

And so on.  Up the hill, one foot in front of another.

Did I remember to tell you it was a 2000 foot gain (incline) in 1 1/2 miles?

One thing I know about true entrepreneurs, they are simply not quitters! And I knew that, with this, it would be a great test of my inner voice and my ability to continue to keep my head in a positive place so I could finish the hike. As in anything new or challenging we tackle, what we tell ourselves and others will make or break us!  There were several hours of that conversation - really! 

Just to that rock, just to that weed.

It was a grueling 1 1/2 miles up - and then the trip down was equally interesting!

After that much work on my thighs, they were not sure they wanted to go back down.  But down we went, just to the next rock, just to that bush, and so on till we reached the blessed car and more water! I am SO PROUD of myself for doing the hike!   You know the feeling you have when you push yourself to do something rewarding but  challenging at the same time?

We are resilient people!  Inspired Entrepreneurs! Hopeful of a better tomorrow and GRATEFUL for today's strength and blessings!

Till next time, happy wanderings! BJ


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